Sizzle Cards Can Build Your Network Marketing (MLM) Business

I’m going to share with you a little about how I was personally introduced to MLM through a little 2 x 3.5 inch piece of cardboard called a drop card or sizzle card.I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was walking in Manhattan and went to use a phone booth. There stuck in the corner of the booth was a little card that said: “Earn More In One Month than Doctors Earn In a Year”. The little card I found is known as a drop card or a sizzle card. It’s basically a business card with a promotional message.

Because I was introduced to MLM through a sizzle card what do you think my main activity was for my first year in MLM?? You guessed it sizzle cards! I put them everywhere, phone booths, ATM machines, car windshields, public restrooms, car windshields … you name it! And it worked, and continues to work to this day.

What Can You Do With Sizzle Cards?

Hand them out to people
Place in phone booths
Tack to a community bulletin board
Place in books and magazines
Place under windshield wipers
Set on benches in the mall
Include them in your bill payments
Food court table at the mall
People at a bus stop
Place on Store Counters (ask owner)
Put in a poly bag by the gas pump
Put in pockets in clothing stores

So Where Do I Do Get Sizzle Cards?

Now you may be looking for free sizzle cards or your question might be where can I find cheap sizzle cards? I believe that you can order free sizzle cards from Vistaprint. I’m not going to make any other recommendations as to where to get sizzle cards for one reason. New suppliers are popping up all the time. The best thing to do is Google “Sizzle cards”. You will find many choices available. There are places where you can get 5000 cards for about $100 so try and stay in that range if you want the cheapest sizzle cards.

What You Should Know About Sizzle Cards

In order to get really good results with Sizzle cards you need to put out massive amounts. You should expect 20 – 50 leads for every 1000 cards you put out. It could be more and it could be less so just use that as a guideline. Yellow Sizzle cards work well.

When I first got started in MLM I used Sizzle cards as a MAJOR activity. I would set aside time and put out massive quantities in phone booths and on car windshields. It worked but it was time consuming. I now use them as a passive activity. I carry cards with me and as I go about my daily activities I leave them around.

Be careful when putting card on private property. I have had encounters with security while in mall parking lots and such. Just use common sense and you should be ok

Good luck and Happy Carding!

Jack Bastide is a Full Time Network Marketer. You can find out more about him by going to Get 10 Hot MLM Tips by going to

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10 thoughts on “Sizzle Cards Can Build Your Network Marketing (MLM) Business

  1. Thanks Jack, great information here. I used to market with sizzle cards with GrowthPro and I started testing them out with ads that looked like dollar bills. Long story short the sizzle cards (bright yellow cards with red lettering) went in the trash.

    However with the dollar cards people pick these up left and right and hold onto them. Because these were so successful we created AdBills.

    The easiest I can explain is imagine you were walking along and saw a business card sitting on the ground. You would most likely walk right by and think nothing of it.

    Now imagine walking and seeing a $100 dollar bill on the ground. It would get your attention, right? I’d bet big bucks that you’d stop and pick it up (because you think you’re picking up cash).

    That’s why AdBills are so effective. They may cost a little more than vista print cards but the results will far outweigh handing out thousands of cheap cards and getting no business vs using AdBills and having your phone ring off the hook with new business.

    Have a look and let me know your thoughts.

    Thanks again,


  2. I respectfully disagree. I just bought 12,000 drop cards for $108 with free shipping. My husband and I put out about 150 Flyers on windshields and my phone was ringing off the hook for about a week. It is all about what your message is and where you place them.

  3. They work…yes, but no sense in placing them on cars. Why you ask?

    A small flyer does equally as well. Sizzle cards will cost you anywhere from $85 per 1000 (don’t know where you got the price of $100 per 5k?) up to $145 which is the price John (above) sells theirs for.

    A sizzle dollar bill card is better left somewhere, ie; restaurant, dropped on the ground, handed out as a biz card, left in a magazine, etc…

    The fact is, for approx $40, you can get an entire reem of paper with either 4 or 6 per page with your small teaser ad on it. At that price, you’ll even get them cut by the printer. Now you have THOUSANDS at a fraction of the price you’ll pay for sizzle cards.

    Use sizzle cards, yes! But use the small handbills/flyers to put on cars and they WILL be read.

    It takes a fraction of a second for them to make their mind up if they’re goin’ to read it, and if you don’t crowd you message on the flyer, they WILL get your msg.

    Bottom line, just don’t waste your money on placing sizzle cards on cars

  4. Jack nice article on drop cards.

    As mentioned by John I don’t leave them under their wipers, but I do still leave them on peoples cars. The place that I have found is the best is to slide one right between the glass and the rubber seal right above where the door handle is on the drivers side door. It is right in the line of vision when they reach for the door handle to open the door.


  5. Hey John,

    Good Point … Putting cards under windshields can
    annoy people

    I did that in the beginning but later found
    out that putting them near the drivers side window
    was better

    Your Dollar cards look like a great idea


  6. Hi Jack,

    This is a great article. It’s nice to see someone explain what a “sizzle card” is in simple terms. We get that question frequently.

    I agree with most everything in your article except placing them in car windshields. Sorry, but many people are VERY touchy about their windshield wipers and having ads stuck to them. I think you’d tend to anger more people than interest in your offer. Alternatively, and ironically, we’ve found that sticking our dollar bill sizzle cards somewhere around the door handle has been a lot more acceptable.

    A lot of our clients agree. We have a large MLM clientele, as well as a variety of other business models, that use our dollar bill business cards as sizzle cards and have found them tremendously effective. Of course, they tend to be more effective than the traditional business card style because these look like real $1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100 dollar bills and they get picked up EVERY time. Even if they’re handed out and not dropped, they’re still kept longer than any other type of business card.

    Your list of placements is just as well with the dollar bill cards, but from the feedback we get tend to get the best results where people tend to handle money the most; around ATMs, gas stations, coffee shop or cafe chair (as if it fell out of someone’s pocket, etc…

    Anyway, kudos on the article. I hope your holidays go well!

    Best Regards,


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