Robert Blackman MLM Legend

robert blackmanRobert Blackman MLM Legend

Have you ever wanted to know about using Direct response Advertising, post card marketing  and direct mail to build your Network marketing / mlm business? When it comes to classic, tried and tested, “old school” methods …   Robert Blackman is the Man!

This Interview is a MUST LISTEN!

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Hey Everybody,

It’s Jack Bastide from

I recently interviewed my friend Robert Blackman  for the How To MLM Newsletter

The Topic? … Using classic, tried and tested methods, like direct response advertising, classified ads, print advertising, direct mail and post card marketing to build your network marketing business.

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Robert is a 32 year veteran of the Network marketing profession and is a world of knowledge. I thought I pretty much knew everything there is to know about MLM, but after 60 minutes or so of talking to Robert Blackman I realized I didn’t know anything!

Robert started in the families printing business at the age of 19. He soon realized that he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life running a printing press for $10 / hour. After trying several biz ops that he found in Entrepreneur Magazine he discovered MLM.

Get The Robert Blackman Interview Here

Robert shared his techniques for maximizing response for direct mail campaigns. Using these strategies he was able to average 42 personal enrollments per month consistently over a 6 month period.

He also shared his very unique 90 day action plan. Using this plan he is able to make sure that his new team members experience success in their first 90 day and stick around for the long haul.

I’m a firm believer that no matter how much you know there are always people that know things that you don’t.  I can guarantee you that listening to this interview will benefit you MLM business in a big way

I strongly recommend that you Get The Robert Blackman Interview Here


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One thought on “Robert Blackman MLM Legend

  1. Great, GREAT interview and audio!
    I’ll admit, I’d never even heard of him until you offered this, and I know nothing about direct mail (and little interest in it, but I’m always trying to expand my knowledge and methods) so I listened. Could not stop, and fully intend on listening to it all again. Great info here and highly recommended!
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