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48 thoughts on “Promote Your MLM Free

  1. Hey Everyone!

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  2. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you create this website yourself
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  3. Hello,
    First of all I’d like to say thanks for allowing all of the post. I am not really trying to promote my Network Marketing as much as I am trying to introduce the products. The reason behind this is that I am not aware of another product other than this one that actually helps the body to produce Adult Stem Cells. It is not my intention to pull any one out there from their company to mine. I’m sure many people are quite successful in there MLM ventures. I have been studying health and nutrition for many years now. I’ve had a bad back and have been trying to fix it with alkalinity, anti inflammatory herbs, exercise, etc to little or no relief. It wasn’t until I tried a product whose specific target is give the body what it needs to produce additional Adult Stem Cells, 3 – 5 million for 3 to 4 hours, that I have found relief. It wasn’t a overnight cure. It took 3 weeks before I started seeing results, after 4 weeks I definitely felt better, but after 10 weeks I was pain free in my back and knee. I am over 40. Have abused my body by working too many hours a day, and in the mean time was eating whatever “food” I could find while away from home 6am to 8-10 pm. There is more info on my website and other peoples results. I will say one thing though. The more natural the person the better the results. I have seen people in their 70s have amazing results (within a week) while someone in their 50s did not feel anything for a long time (over a month). I will try to keep everyone posted via the www blogging as I have ordered the book “Stem Cells For All” #1 best seller to read and report on. Thanks again. Take care.

    Mike Eby

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  5. Hi Jack,

    I just discovered your site. Great job! And thanks for the chance to promote. That is very generous of you. I’m also with your company and understand the “making a living by giving” principle.

    In addition to a great relationship-building tool that you offer, it’s important for network marketers and other self-employed entrepreneurs to protect themselves and their business legally (especially if they are marketing online, which presents its own special challenges).

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  6. Fjola Natural is a new icelandic cosmetics company, based on hte work of its owner Thuridur Gudmundsdottir that began developing herbal balms in 1984 focusing on skin rejuvenation. At that time her son got really badly burned over his whole body and she used her grandmothers herbal knowledge to heal her sons wounds, and since then she has been perfecting her balm and developing a wide range of cosmetic products that are totally natural and free of toxic chemicals that so many cosmetics contain.

    Her Original Herbal balm is so effective that it is used on the National Hospital of Iceland for virtual every skin condition without having been clinically trialed, that is unheard of in the medical community. Doctors simply could not look the other way any longer having seen the results the herbal balm was having on patients, especially burn wounds and other skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

    Fjola Natural has won over the Icelandic market and we are getting ready to expand to the global market, and the best way to do that we think is by word of mouth and direct selling, like how it started out in the first place.

    So I would like everyone that is interested in this opportunity to join us for our first Web-presentation that Gunnar (Thuridur´s son) will be presenting this Sunday. Where he will explain the Networking System, introduce the product and of course answer any question you might have.

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    Mission and Vision

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  9. Hi everybody,
    My name is Gina and I am with a wonderful company called Boresha International. We are about 5 years old and we market the World’s Only Fat-Burning Coffee and Tea, amongst many other health and wellness items. We are in the U.S. Alaska, Hawaii and Phillipines right now, with plans to go International in the near future! We have a wonderful team, wonderful compensation plan and I’ve enjoyed not only the money, but the friendships I’ve already made!
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  22. Thanks Jack,

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  23. As many of you know, my main focus the past few months has been the subject of retention in the network marketing industry. Frankly, the numbers are dismal, as attrition runs rampant. Before I start posting my series of blogs on improving retention, let me ask you this. If I could show you a way to put more money in your pocket each month INDEPENDENT of any comp plan earnings, would you be interested in hearing more? That’s correct, you WILL have more $$ at your disposal at the end of each month EVEN if you don’t earn a dime in commissions and residuals. that’s my promise. Now that one aspect is going to do more to improve retention, because it will hurt your pocketbook or wallet just to leave! What a novel concept. Visit and then let’s talk. You can email me at with any questions. Thanks.


  24. Aside from parenting special needs twins, I represent three direct sales and network marketing companies. I started with a popular skin care/ cosmetics company in 2000, and added the greeting card and video email companies in 2008 and 2012 specifically to encourage other direct sales professionals to use out of the box tools to promote their businesses. In 2012 I added social media services to my portfolio. For a limited number of clients, I tweet, pin, post, connect, curate content, upload videos, and generally explode the social media presence of small businesses. My businesses can be found at , , and . To ask me about my social media services, simply email me at
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    Thanks Jack!

  29. Thanks so much Jack for the work you’ve put in with your blog. I plan on being a regular follower. As a 30 year veteran of the industry, I’m still learning valuable tidbits on a daily basis. While most of my network marketing career has been in health and wellness, for the past couple of years I’ve been following trends and analyzing retention and better ways to improve this within our respective companies. Hopefully I’ll be able to share some blogs on this subject here as I’ve written on another site. Happy networking to all!

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  32. Thanks so much Jack for taking the time to create this page for sharing our respective MLM businesses! I look forward to gaining knowledge on other MLMs my FB friends are involved in.

    I am a brand partner with a company that through an accidental discovery created an age-defying night treatment. The results are Real, the company is Real, the people are Real!

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      • Yes Jack, I am with Nerium! My husband and I continue to have our SOC business also. As you know, SOC works well with all businesses.

        Thanks for allowing us to share here. Have a wonderful day!

  33. Thanks Jack,

    I joined AdvoCare for the highest discount level ~ after 3 months with fantastic results..weight loss, joints felt good too! Been 10 years now…

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