Phone Burner Predictive Dialer Review

If you have ever tried to call MLM leads by hand it can be quite a tedious process. 90% of the time you will get a answering machine and if you are lucky you will be able to make 15 or 20 dials an hour and most of your time will be spent leaving messages on answering machines. There is a better way and its called a Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer – What is It?

The difference between a Predictive dialer and a voice broadcaster is this:

A voice broadcaster will dial hundreds of numbers and leave a message while a predictive dialer will dial numbers one at a time until it gets a live person. A voice broadcaster is useful if you want to generate leads while a predictive dialer is better if you have leads and actually want to talk to a live person.

I just tried the Phone Burner and so far it looks pretty cool. It allows you to enter your leads either by hand or by upload. You can create separate voice mail messages for different occasions. It will even email your prospects to let them know you are trying to reach them by phone … pretty slick!

They have two plans available

1 – Phone Burner with 7.5 hours of usage each month. Automatic roll-over minutes included. $67.50/month

2- Phone Burner – Unlimited Phone Burner with Unlimited usage. $149.00/month

I will be putting the Phone Burner though its paces for a couple of days and will report back with more details

In the meantime if you want to try it out for yourself go here Phone Burner

Jack Bastide

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9 thoughts on “Phone Burner Predictive Dialer Review

  1. I have used the phone burner and it ROCKS and the SUPPORT ROCKS…I usually dont post stuff but I have a hard time understanding HOW someone can say this is a terrible system…


    Sergio Quinones

    P.S. Anyone can call me to confirm I am real and in no way affliated with phoneburner or anyone else here!!!

  2. Enrique,

    I appreciate your response – and voiceblaze looks like a nice system – but it does not compare to Phoneburner; it’s not even close.

    We decided to partner with them (Phoneburner) this year and have our own system,

    Whether it be pricing, core functions & features, compliance and ease of use, Phoneburner and simply stand out above the rest….

    Do your research.

    Robert Polonsky
    President & National Sales Director
    TheEasyDialer Selling Solutions

  3. Does anyone know if the Phone Burner is only available to Networx Online, or is it something that can be used and intergrated with other Marketing Systems?


  4. I have been using phoneburner and it is amazing! By the way… if you don’t use all your minutes, you don’t lose them!
    The email is a great feature. I have had several prospects reply back to my offer through email. Just thought I would leave my feedback since I use the product.

  5. Hello Jack,

    Thanks for the review.

    I have found a much less costly dialer service that bills at 3.5 cents/minute and bills in 1/2 minute increments. Compare that to the 22.5 cents/minute you may get elsewhere. Plus you don’t lose your minutes from month to month.

    You might let your users know about it… you can find them at – no affiliate link.

    As I recall they do NOT sent emails though. I don’t see this as a drawback at all since I don’t see people responding to emails anyway.

    I’ve used them and they work beautifully at a fraction of the cost.

    Try them out and see what you think.


    Enrique Garibay

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