Dec 21

Send Out Cards Com

Send Out Cards Com

Send out Cards Com is a system that allow you to send real physical greeting cards from the Internet. These are not “Ecards” but real physical greeting cards that arrive by first class mail with a stamp. You can create custom greeting cards, schedule cards to go out in advance, send multiple cards at once and more.

But Send Out Cards Com is much more than just a greeting card system. You can also use the system to send gifts such as brownies, cookies, gift baskets, holiday items, books etc. I guess the best way to describe it is a cutting edge client retention and referral building system.

Send Out Cards Com is also a great Home Based Business / Work at Home Opportunity. Yes it is MLM / Network Marketing and that may turn some people off but the bottom line is this: It’s a very solid opportunity with a great product that stands on its own … regardless of the opportunity.

By they way if you are wondering why I am referring to this as Send out Card Com rather then Send out Cards or it’s very simple. I’m targeting that search phrase (smile). I’ve been involved with Send out Cards com for several years and do it as a full time business. So if you are looking for somebody that can show you the ropes you have come to the right place.

Jack Bastide

For more information –> Send Out Cards

Dec 09

Drop Cards – Sizzle Cards

Drop Cards

Hey Guys,

12 years or so ago I was introduced to MLM by a Drop Card. Drop cards are also known as Sizzle Cards. I talk about Sizzle cards in anther article You can learn more about Sizzle Cards by going to this website -> Sizzle Cards

Because I was introduced to MLM by a drop card my first year or so in MLM all I did was put out drop cards. I got lots of local prospects. Since then I had gotten away from that … working mostly Online

Well I want to build locally because I want to OWN Orlando so I bought some Drop Cards. I bought these little Sticky Poly Bags filled with drop cards and put them up on the Bulletin Board at Walmart

I just got one of the best sounding leads I have ever heard. of course there are no guarantees but she sounds like a keeper

back to the basics … pretty cool


P.S. I don’t recommend Drop card as a MAJOR prospecting activity but if you always have some with you it doesn’t hurt to leave them around ,, you never know who may pick it up

Dec 08

Kody Bateman – Send Out Cards – One of The Good Guys

Today I am going to tell you about Kody Bateman, one of the really good guys in Network Marketing. Kody Bateman is CEO of SendOutCards, one the the most exciting opportunities in the MLM Industry. Along with President Erik Laver, another really good guy, Kody is building a company that is truly making a difference.

I’ve been in the MLM industry since 1994 and have known my share of Network Marketing company owners. Most were decent people except for a few that shall remain nameless. However none compared to Kody. Continue reading

Dec 08

Sizzle Cards Can Build Your Network Marketing (MLM) Business

I’m going to share with you a little about how I was personally introduced to MLM through a little 2 x 3.5 inch piece of cardboard called a drop card or sizzle card.I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was walking in Manhattan and went to use a phone booth. There stuck in the corner of the booth was a little card that said: “Earn More In One Month than Doctors Earn In a Year”. The little card I found is known as a drop card or a sizzle card. It’s basically a business card with a promotional message. Continue reading

Dec 06

Network Marketing Leads – How To Tell A Qualified Lead From A Generic Marketing Lead

Do you know what the lifeblood of your network marketing business is? The obvious answer is of course having large quantities of leads. If you fail to generate leads, it is almost equated with the failure of your business venture. On the other hand, successful generation of these leads is considered the guaranteed way of succeeding in your home business.

Whether you are involved in multi level marketing or any other kind of marketing network endeavor, it does not matter as the same principles apply. Nobody can deny this truth; however, it is important that you are able to differentiate generic marketing leads from qualified MLM network leads. Continue reading

Jul 25

How to Use Social Networking Sites Like Facebook to Promote Your MLM

There are lots of people who want to know how to use sites like you tube, facebook, and my space to promote your network marketing business.

There are a few tips you should be aware of when you’re out there on social networks.

This is long term strategy. You WON’T get rich overnight but it’s worth the work it takes to build a strong online presence. Continue reading