Jan 22

Never Try To Teach A Pig To Sing!

singingpigNever Try To Teach A Pig To Sing!
By Jack Bastide

There is an old saying that goes something like this: Never try to teach a pig to sing, it’s a waste of time and you will annoy the pig. What it means is that you should never try to convince somebody to your way of thinking. Not only will you most likely be unsuccessful you may damage the relationship with the person at the same time. This saying rings true in many areas of our lives but is especially true in Network Marketing. We are constantly trying to teach pigs to sing! Continue reading

Jan 17

What Is MLM

mlmWhat Is MLM?

MLM stands for Multilevel Marketing. It is also known as Network Marketing , Referral Marketing, Word-Of Mouth Marketing and is a form of  Direct Sales. It is a business model where products are moved from the company through a Network of Independent distributors to the end consumer. It started in 1945 with a company called California Vitamin company, later known as Nutrilite.

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Jan 16

MLM Lead Generation Explained

1-16-2013 1-29-42 PMMLM LEAD GENERATION

The lifeblood of your network marketing business is leads. There are only two ways to get these leads. One way is the buy the leads. The other way is to generate MLM leads yourself.

There are many places to buy network marketing leads.  In fact i even wrote a separate blog post  about where to get the best mlm leads.

Here Are Some Methods of MLM Lead Generation

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Mar 01

Cheap MLM Leads

I am of the firm belief that the difference between a $5 lead and a 5 cents lead is $4.95 I have been using Citalink to call really cheap leads (I’m talking 5 cents or less per lead)

I wouldn’t recommend calling these kind of leads by hand because you will get lots of disconnected and invalid numbers. But Citalink makes it a breeze

So anyway just got a call from a guy who said “You called me a few days ago” I had no idea of who it was so I simply said: “Oh yeah, I believe we had spoken and you were looking for a home based business”

He said “Yes I am”

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Feb 22

Just Say Hi!

Just got this message on Facebook from a Total Stranger …

Hi Jack,

I see we have a few mutual friends. I’m sure you probably have your plate full, however, (His Company Name) is launching in the US this week. If you would like to lock in a position (I’m the 8th person in the company) you can do so for free before the launch, see link below. The analysts forecast us to hit over 75,000 within 2 years based on what we did in Taiwan. You can at least secure a position for FREE (as a director!) before our launch at…


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