Network Marketing Team – 5 Ways to Keep Your Team in Network Marketing Buzzing

Guest Article By George Fourie

Nothing beats having a motivated team in network marketing who share their positive energy amongst each other on a daily basis.

Never underestimate the power of the network marketing team. Energy is contagious and when you have team members that are in the zone and on fire, it can be the turning point for the new network marketing team member who is starting out and learning the ropes.

No doubt that the message above is an obvious fact. The problem is however that very few people are still building their MLM business traditionally or locally, so how do we spread the love and the energy when practicing internet and network marketing?

Most network marketers today hardly have team members in there home town or within driving distance from each other.

Technology is great and nothing beats working from the comfort of your home in shorts and shirt (my current and most frequent outfit).

So how can we use all of todays tools to ensure that we strengthen relationships, keep the team motivated and make sure that everyone is connecting and helping each other?

Here are 5 tried and tested methods that keep your network marketing team in the zone and sharing the positive energy.

1. Reply to all emails

This is an easy to manage system when your team is starting out. Keep everyone’s email addresses in the send or cc section and reply to all every time someone joins the team.

Congratulate your new team member and bathe them with support.

2. Create a Facebook group

It will only be a matter of time and your email system will become a headache to maintain. After all, it’s network marketing, so people do quit or move on.

It can become time consuming to mange and update the email addresses. So why not start a Facebook group? Take this positive energy and congratulate new members on their wall or within the group.

Now you’ve taken your team’s powerful energy public with Facebooks powerful newsfeed.

3. Skype Conference calls and group chats

Skype has to be one of the most powerful MLM tools that ever hit the internet. It makes communication easy and best of all, it’s free.

Host group calls or group chats with your team members. You can keep a group chat active at all times or schedule a set time every day for your team members to get on a conference.

4. Video Chat as often as you can

Speaking to your team members face to face strengthens relationships and builds trust. Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun!

You can use Skype for this. Or, there is an excellent application called ooVoo which allows multiple people (up to eight) to chat all at once.

5. Free conference line

Get a free conference line which you can use for conference calling with your team members. is the only one I’m aware of and it’s only available in the USA.



Twitter is really hot right now to stay in touch with people, build relationships and find great content and resources.

You can have a private Twitter account for your team members only, or you can take parts of your conversation public to attract attention to your network marketing opportunity.

Massive success to your network marketing team building efforts!

For more network marketing tips, visit George’s blog to discover more network marketing team building strategies. You can also follow George on Twitter.

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