Network Marketing Success – Do This Now!

Network Marketimg SuccessNetwork Marketing Success – Do This Now!

The Most Important Thing You MUST Do For Your Network Marketing / MLM Business … Immediately!

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Hi There!

It’s Jack Bastide from You are reading this because you want Network Marketing Success.   Today I’m going to share with you what I believe is the MOST important thing that you MUST do Immediately in order to get off to a fast start in your Network Marketing / Multilevel Marketing business and to achieve Network Marketing Success.

But first let me ask you a question…

How would you feel if somebody that you knew called you up to tell you about a Network Marketing company that they had just joined … and it was YOUR COMPANY??  Has that ever happened to you? Well it’s happened to me and  it’s not a good feeling. I kicked myself for a month for not telling them first!

warm market list When I first got into MLM my sponsor told me to make a “warm list” of everybody I knew and call them all and try to get them to a hotel meeting.  He said the warm market was the key to Network Marketing Success. Well I made a list using a Warm Market Memory Jogger, and invited them to our weekly hotel meeting. Most of them didn’t come but some did. Most of them that did come weren’t interested. Some were. You know the old saying .. “Some Will, Some Won’t,  So What?,  Next!

Over the years I did the same thing several times. Over time I used to joke that I was in the NFL (“No Friends Left”) club. And over time I noticed that most of the people I sponsored usually said “I don’t want to talk to anybody I know”.

I guess that question I have is this…

tell a  friendIf you TRULY believe that the opportunity that you are representing is a good one and the product you are representing is beneficial to people why would you NOT want to tell the people that you know and care about?

  • If you see a great movie do you tell your friends about it? (Or do you take out an ad in the paper to tell strangers about it?)
  • If you eat at a great restaurant do you tell you friends about it?
  • If you found a gold mine in your backyard and need help digging would you tell the people you care about or would you advertise to find strangers?

Well if you TRULY BELIEVE that what you’re doing is beneficial to people you need to let everybody you care about know about it IMMEDIATELY because if you don’t somebody else will. And if you are not willing to do this for some reason you might want to think about something else to do.

Now I know what you’re thinking… “I don’t want to talk to my Aunt Sylvia about a business opportunity,   she’ll think I’m crazy” or  “I told my relatives about all the other opportunities and now they avoid me at the family reunion”

Believe me I’ve been there, done that, and got the T-shirt!

Want Network Marketing Success?

Announcing  … The Warm Market Notification Letter

Here’s what you do … Get a Black felt tip pen and write a letter


Here’s the Key thing … You are asking for REFERRALS. You are not asking THEM to join your business or buy your product

To save time you can write out the Whole letter in black felt pen (except for the Dear ____ part). You can then make copies and just fill in the salutation by hand.  Or you can actually do this with an Automated Greeting card system called Send Out Cards.

So that’s the deal … Simple to do  … simple not to do. If you start doing this and having your team do this it will make a huge difference in your business and you will have Network Marketing Success.

Until next time  …

I wish you Network Marketing Success!
Jack Bastide

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