MLM War of Attrition

trenchesWelcome to the first edition of  “In The Trenches”

In this series I Interview Network Marketing Experts who are in the  trenches  building a business.

This is not outdated information from somebody who hasn’t built a business in 10 years …

This is current information that is working now!

Today’s Question

Q: What do you do when one of your distributors drops off the face of the earth and stops working?

terry snyderTerry Snyder

Q: Terry,  what do you do when one of your distributors drops off the face of the earth and stops working?

A: If you’re relatively new to this profession my answer may shock you…


If they have so little belief in themselves, the products, or the company they represent that they slink off into the mist without seeking help there is nothing you can do to increase that belief. And make no mistake… belief in those three things is what separates the successful from the missing persons.

Look, no matter what some guru might tell you there’s only one thing that really matters when you bring someone into your business and it’s so simple even the newest newbie can do it… get them started right.

That’s it. There’s really nothing else you can do. All the hand holding and pseudo motivation you can muster won’t make a dime’s worth of difference. If they aren’t showing up (events), taking daily action (doing the work) and calling you (instead of you chasing them) they aren’t going to be successful… PERIOD.

Your job in this profession is to tell the story straight… to the right people… and get them started right. Nothing else matters. Everything else is a waste of time and energy.

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annaAnnalaura Brown

Q:  AnnaLaura, what do you do when one of your distributors drops off the face of the earth and stops working?

A – That is always a difficult situation. I do everything I can to reach the person and to let him or her know that I care. If it’s a local person and I can, then I will even drop by in person. If long distance and he or she has not responded to a few phone calls, then I will mail a card and then let the person make his or her own decisions. This has unfortunately happened to me multiple times including a few times which it’s now been more than 3 years and I still haven’t heard from the person as to what happened and in 1 situation we are even friends on facebook and she doesn’t respond.

Ultimately we need to realize that this will happen to everyone who builds an organization of any substantial size and people will be people and some of them will for whatever reason decide not to want to interact with you anymore. Life also happens. People get sick. People have family and personal problems, accidents and other issues and they may not share all of those things with you. If you are friends with the person on facebook or any other social media sites you may be able to reach him or her their or you may be able to find out if he or she has joined another company and has yet to inform you. This is another common cause for the lack of response from someone.

You also need to make sure that if this person had other leaders on his or her team and that they are still working that you offer them enough support so that these people do not stop working just because the person who sponsored them does. This can be a tricky situation as well depending upon how close they are to the person who is no longer working. It can also be a challenge if their leader leaves since some of them probably will too. In any case, the stronger the relationship you have with all of your personally sponsored people and with anyone else you can, the less likely you are to have this happen, however, even the strongest teams will still occasionally have people who do this. It’s life and it’s network marketing.

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vanessieVanessa Duplessie of

Q:  Vanessa, what do you do when one of your distributors drops off the face of the earth and stops working?

A – The fact is that distributors will come and go in this industry. Its a revolving door cycle at times. As a professional Network Marketer and team leader it is your responsibility to do your best with each person on your team to show them how the industry works and how they can have the success they desire. The rest is up to them, with your support and love.

Many people don’t have the wherewithal to withstand the first 90 days in this business. Why? Because they haven’t been taught to be Entrepreneurs. They expect you as their up-line to be their boss, which you aren’t.

I personally check in with my distributors on a weekly basis, unless we are in more frequent contact already. Then as they start to drop off or go AWOL on me, I continue on a monthly basis and quarterly basis. I gauge communication intervals based on what my distributor tells me they need. I always let them know I’ll be here when they need me. And inevitably many come back when they are ready to mentored as business people. I remove the emotion from the equation and treat adults as adults making their own decisions.

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Irma Parone  –  (Meet Irma Here)

Q: Irma, what do you do when one of your distributors drops off the face of the earth and stops working?

A – Hi Jack. I actually have distributors that have given up. I try to find out what is going on in their life that would create this shift in focus. I think that it is hard for some to understand how really easy this business can be, when we do the very simple steps we teach, over and over and over. So my plan is to reach out; ask them to review some information that can help them re motivate; and continue to support their efforts. I look forward to reviewing other ideas. Thanks!

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phillipjdorseyPhillip J. Dorsey  (Meet Phillip Here)

A-  Hey Jack, I wanted to respond to your question concerning if a distributor drops off the face of the earth and stops working. As a business owner it is very disappointing when you have a distributor who has lost their motivation and have given up on their dreams.

I take a couple of things into thought when this happens, did I as a Business owner fully equip them with the knowledge and information they need to start their business the right way with success? Did I help make them comfortable and feel like they had my total support? If I can answer “Yes” to all these questions then the next step is for me to try and make contact with my distributor and lead with positive affirmations to help empower them and also lead with new information concerning the business and how by having them back involved they could see success within the business. I believe in being very genuine and honest with every person that I work with and being totally involved in seeing them reach their success.

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Jack Bastide (that’s me!) of

Q: Jack, what do you do when one of your distributors drops off the face of the earth and stops working?

Make yourself available,, and then cut em loose ….

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. I use to beat myself up when somebody would disappear on me.  I don’t anymore. You can’t want it for them. They have to want it for themselves. All you can do is lead by example and be there for them.

So I will give them a call, send them an email and a facebook message and let them know I’m there for them. And then I will get to work with the people that are working   

You should always be looking for new blood. Never stop recruiting.

Do your best to help your new distributor have some fast success … even if it’s just minor successes

It will keep them in the game, and that may just make the difference

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5 thoughts on “MLM War of Attrition

  1. I’m glad you touched on this subject. I think it’s important to at least continue investing in the friendship/relationship with the person because you never know who they may introduce to you some day that may have a greater interest in being a part of your business. If they are simply “on the fence” about continuing working with you, as a sponsor, you could possibly offer resources to help them re-build their business such as helping them network with others or help offset some of their costs for materials such as business cards/flyers, etc. Sometimes you have to invest in those you sponsor. But, if they really are not interested anymore, make sure to make an appropriate level of communication with them.
    David Davis recently posted..The Internet Marketing Online Goldmine

  2. Outstanding advice from all concerned. I especially liked Terry’s advice, I think he summed it up well. Also, what a great idea for a blog series! I hope you keep it up because people will definitely benefit from the experience of these gurus.

    In my experience you just waste too much emotion and energy if you chase the distributors that give up on themselves and the business. And for all your effort, it’s extremely rare that they’ll go on to succeed. You can’t force anyone to want success badly enough, and you can’t help people that won’t help themselves.
    Kim Willis recently posted..Google+ and the Emerging Goldmine for Marketers

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