MLM Training – Robins, Hawks, and Eagles

In your Network Marketing career you’re going to come in contact with three types of people; Robins, Hawks, and Eagles.


A Robin is generally a person who signs up and never gets started.They may be very excited at first but this soon fades.Sometimes Robins sign up and drop off the face of the earth immediately. You can call them and e-mail them and they will never respond.

When you do finally get in touch with them they always have a great excuse.

  • “I’m busy at work”
  • “My child got sick”
  • “We have relatives visiting”
  • “I’m in a bowling tournament”

Robins will always come up with very legitimate excuses.In fact, if they would work at their business as hard as they work at their excuses, they would build a heck of a business.

85% Of The People You Sponsor Are Going To Be Robins.


A hawk is a casual business builder.They will occasionally show up on conference calls and events.Sometimes a Hawk will actually sponsor somebody.They are not consistent. They are on again, off again.

12% of the people that you sponsor are going to be Hawks


Eagles are people that seize the opportunity and run with it.

  • They show up on the conference calls
  • They attend the live events
  • They are evangelists for the product

3% of the people in your business are going to be Eagles

You should spend 95% of your time with the Eagles

You should spend 5% of the time with the Hawks

You should spend 0% of your time with the Robins

Now this may sound harsh.After all, the Robins and Hawks are the ones that really need help.But you have to understand this.They may need help but they don’t want help. When I was new to Network Marketing I would spend all my time trying to motivate people.All it did was get me frustrated.

Robins and Hawks can sometimes turn into Eagles.When this does happen it’s very rarely because of something that you did. It’s a decision on their part. Often it’s a matter of timing.Sometimes somebody may have all the ability in the world but the timing is just not right for them to be building a business.This may or may not change over time.

Most of the time Eagles are not people that you personally enrolled.They may show up 2, 3, 4 or more levels down.Work with them as if you personally enrolled them. What will happen over time is the Robins and Hawks above them will quit and the Eagles will roll up and be on your front line.

Eagles are majestic.They soar high in the air.They can spot a fish 10 feet underwater from 1000 feet in the air.They will then go into a dive and retrieve that fish.Eagles always get what they want and never let anything get in the way.

Spend the majority of your time working with your Eagles and looking for new Eagles. When and if your Robins and Hawks are ready to get serious you will be there for them,

Jack Bastide is a Full Time Network Marketer. You can find out more about him by going to – Learn How I Personally Enrolled 22 People in One Month Without Spending A Dime On Advertising

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12 thoughts on “MLM Training – Robins, Hawks, and Eagles

  1. Just love this analogy sums it right up maybe I’m not a full grown eagle just yet just a little baby eagle but that’s just me i seem to like growing getting bigger and bigger…

  2. I love it Jack. I read the book personality plus and it helped me to really relate to others. Of course there are lots of other courses about personality colors or personality gems…but in a simple business sense….these 3 birds are perfect. I think its almost worth using to ask one at the beginning where do they see them selves. Huddled with the robins on the telephone wire, or hunting like a hawk, or soaring like an eagle. Just to get the thought process rolling in their heads as they become a new member of your team.
    Eric Burgan recently posted..What To Expect!

    • Awesome Eric .. I like that!

      Unfortunately most people SEE Themselves as Eagles but wind up being Robins lol

      I think there is an Eagle inside of us all just waiting to come out


  3. Tom says, “we don’t place the value on the people. They decide their own value to a company by how they show up (or dont show up). Just like in the real world. Players play. Wishful thinkers are bad for our profession. They say stuff like “those things don’t work” when in fact they quit before they start.
    Thanks for the reminder jack, it’s stats. My experience says you are dead on with Jack-analysis

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  5. I hate being labeled by people. It’s like you are placing a value on people instead of encouraging them to do their best.

    • @Shane – glad ya liked it buddy!

      @Kurt Henninger .. Yep most people are now willing to out in the effort to have extraordinary results

      @ Joe Harrington

      I value EVERYBODY .. But I learned a long time ago that you can’t drag people across the finish line

      You have to identify you leaders .. the people that want to work , and work with them

      The good news is that ANYBODY can be an Eagle .. all it takes is a decision


  6. Awesome Post. The coolest part about the 3 types of people is that anyone on any level can choose to become an Eagle, and take the actions necessary to become that which they choose. It is the daily actions however that will determine where you end up.
    Thank Jack for this today.. I needed it

  7. This is a great set of metaphors. A year ago I called them those who quit; those on the bubble; and those that practice the laws of success. Your images are not as harsh. The art of identifying Eagles may come down to personality more than skills… though there might be a correlation there too.

    Years ago I read a book on the four personality temperaments. I have heard it is converted into colors now… was then maybe. An interesting test is found at

    I was trained in Anthony Gregorc’s Learning styles model by the US navy. There may be some interesting overlap in the personality with how we learn. All that is to say I am interested in the Law of Association creating a way for eagles to flock.

    Thank you for the opportunity to imagine.

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