MLM Tips – How I Sponsored 22 People For Free

mlm tipsMLM Tips – How I Personally Enrolled 22 People In One Month Without Spending a Dime on Advertising

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Hey There,

It’s Jack Bastide from …

Today I’m going to share with you one of my MLM tips on how I personally enrolled 22 people in one month without spending a dime on advertising or business opportunity leads. There are many ways to generate mlm leads for your Network marketing business without spending money and I’m going to be sharing them with you in the future. So make sure you subscribe to my list and open my emails  :)

But first a little background. I used to be a mainframe computer programmer in NYC until I got laid off from my job. I struggled to find another job for over a year and couldn’t. We had to sell our houses in NYC and move to Florida or we would have lost everything.

stressedAt the time I was on a hiatus from MLM … I was burned out. I spent $15k on a printing card franchise but it was way to competitive and the business didn’t work out. I tried several other things and spent a lot of money but nothing was working out. I was starting to get very nervous and was grasping at straws.

A good friend of mine showed me a unique  MLM company. I joined but my heart wasn’t really in it. I just wasn’t into MLM at the time. I worked the business for a couple of months and then went off and started investing in Real Estate. I was hoping to buy some run down properties, fix them up , and sell them at a profit. Well I made a ton of mistakes and nearly lost my shirt.

All during this time (about 18 months) I was doing absolutely nothing with the MLM business but they kept sending me checks. I decided to start focusing on the MLM business and within less than 6 months I had created a full time income from the comfort of my own home.

This culminated when I personally enrolled 22 people into the MLM company with a little help from my friend Craig.

MLM Tips – Who is Craig? Craig is a guy from San Francisco who created a free classified website called “Craigslist”. Craigslist just happens to be one of the busiest sites on the Internet. The URL is OK I don’t really know Craig (although he did email me once) but it was his site that allowed me to personally enroll 22 people into my MLM business without spending a dime on advertising.

MLM Tips – So What Did I Do Exactly?

Remember I was desperate and very motivated. I went into massive action mode and started putting up a ton of ads on craigslist. I tried all different ads and methods. I tried all the different sections of craigslist and came up with a system that worked. Basically what I was doing was putting ads in the Sales Job Section of craigslist and running it to an 800 number sizzle line.

I was using a Flat Rate 800 number so it didn’t matter how many calls I got. On the 800 number I told the people that it was NOT a Job but was in fact a home based business. I got a lot of hang-ups because remember I was advertising in the Job section and then telling them it wasn’t a job. But even with this screening process I still had to talk to a lot of people to find the good ones.

Update:  Although I had used  an 800 number I was finding that people would answer my sales job ad and then flag the ad when they found out it wasn’t a job. I have since changed to having them email me for more information.

craigslistMLM Tips for Craigslist  – Some Things to Beware Of

Flagging –  If craigslist users don’t like your ad they will flag it. For example if you are posting MLM ads in the Sales job section you might get flagged. Best defense against flagging is to make you ad look like an actual job ad.  Check some ads that are not being flagged and mimic them. Also have them email you instead of going to a website so they don’t see your MLM website.

Ghosting – This is when you think your ad is live but it isn’t. Its a sneaky little thing that craigslist does to discourage spammers.  After posting your ad wait 15 minutes and check to see if its live. If its not you have been Ghosted. It’s probably something in the title or body copy of your ad b Once again, check some ads that ARE live and mimic them.

Some MLM Tips for Craigslist 

  • Craigslist doesn’t like MLM … so you need to be creative.
  • The best section to place ads is the Sales job Section
  • Other sections I have used are the Free Section and the Rant and rave section
  • The Small business section isn’t very responsive
  • For Sales Jobs don’t send to a website — have them email you

I hope you enjoyed these MLM tips for craigslist. I encourage you to check out Craigslist. It’s totally free and it’s a great resource. There are also many other free classified sites such as and They are always coming out with new ones so do a search for “Free Classifieds”

Please subscribe to my list for more MLM tips to help you have more success with prospecting and recruiting. I am always testing and  tweaking new network marketing methods and I’m happy to share these mlm tips with you.

Jack Bastide

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4 thoughts on “MLM Tips – How I Sponsored 22 People For Free

  1. I love MLM Tips – How I Personally Enrolled 22 People In One Month Without Spending a Dime on Advertising. So far I am only in the recorded call about 25 min so far and I love it.
    Its about quality list building and how to build that list and keeping its simple
    Great interview everyone should listen to this on.
    Here a great tip for Jack. Download the recording and place it on a blog post insite this site using a service like byo audio for a mlm related keyword that you want to rank for and add at least 500 words of fresh content. Because time on site is ranking gold. Google will reward you.
    Andy Saturno
    Andy Saturno recently posted..L Arginine|Good Life International

  2. Jack,
    Thanks for the Craig’s list tips. Where do you get your flat rate 800 number service?

    Does the number go to a recorded message?

    Have you looked into media buys and solo ads?



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