MLM Success Tips – Building an Email Influence List

mlm successMLM Success Tips – Building an Email influence List

One of the things that can impact your mlm success is the size of your email influence list.

Now we all talk about lists in MLM but  In this case I’m not talking about your warm market list, I’m talking about your email influence list

Are you building an email influence list?

Recently I interviewed a good friend of mine who has had a lot of mlm success over the years.  We spoke about how she was able to sponsor 97 people into her business in just two days

She was able to do this because she had a large email influence list

But more importantly than the size of her list was a relationship with the list.

In fact she was able to outperform people that had much larger lists because of her relationship with her list

MLM Success – So how do you build an email influence list?

1 – Well first you need to get an autoresponder account.  I recommend aweber

2 – Next you have to have a capture page for website that will allow you to capture peoples email addresses. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy in fact Aweber has the ability to create capture pages for free

3 – You also have to have a reason for people to join your list. The best way to do it this is to give out some free information in exchange for their email address.

If you have been doing network marketing for a while you must have some things that have worked for you in building your business. You may not think that you know anything that people would want to know but it’s just not true. There’s an old saying that every third grade is a hero to second graders

If you can’t think of anything to give away you can interview somebody that has had network marketing success and has a good story and some tips to share

Recently I was able to add several hundred people to my list from Facebook alone.

Here’s what I did

1- One I interviewed my friend Diane on how she had sponsored 97 people into our business in just two days.  I used to record the interview

2 – I set up a list on Aweber to capture all the incoming email addresses

3 – I set up a self hosted form on Aweber  to capture the email address

4 – I made a few posts on Facebook talking about the interview. I posted on my wall  and in a few facebook groups. It was a total of 4 – 5 posts

Result – I got several hundred new subscribers

One thing that we spoke about while I was interviewing Diane what she spoke about how you should have your team building a list. Imagine if everybody on your team had a couple hundred people on their list or more.  How would  that multiply your business?

Another great way to build a list is though blogging.  Set up a blog on hostmonster and start putting put some content. It’s not as hard as you think. In fact this blog post you are reading was dictated into an iphone.  It took about 10 minutes.

Once you start building a list please don’t neglect it. Make sure to keep sending helpful information.

Build a relationship with them and don’t don’t try to sell him something on every email.

To your MLM Success …


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One thought on “MLM Success Tips – Building an Email Influence List

  1. Thank you for sharing good ideas on building a email list. I common saying I hear is the money is in the list. The bigger and faster you build a email list, the better chance you have of growing your business. email list building is a proven long haul way to share and market information. I tell my students and clients never put all of your eggs in one basket. Use multiple streams of marketing, this will help you expand to newer markets and prospects faster. I share with my students ways to build long term relationships, share ideas and tips for marketing. Sell, Sell, sell id not the best way to go.

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