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When doing some keyword research I found out that a lot of people are searching for the keyword “MLM Secrets”. So I guess the question I have is this … Are there really such things as secrets in MLM? Is there any magic sauce that will guarantee your success in MLM / Network Marketing?

The 10 MLM Secrets on Video

heartFunny you should ask …

MLM Secrets # 1 –  Fall in Love with your product, company and culture. Find a product that you can be passionate about. While it IS possible to have success even if you’re not in love with the product , a passion for the product will just make your job a lot easier. Be a product of the product

MLM Secrets # 2 – Don’t be a secret agent. You can have the best product in the world but if you don’t tell anybody  about it you not to make any money. So be an evangelist for your company and products. Shout ti from the rooftops.  And most importantly be a “Product of the Product”. If you don’t use you own product why should anybody else?

MLM Secrets # 3 – Be consistent.  It is much better to work an hour or two a day on your MLM business than do nothing all week and try to make it up all on the weekend.  It’s like a snowball rolling downhill.  If you are constantly stopping and starting your business your momentum will slow.

MLM Secrets # 4 – Focus. With the advent of the Internet it is very easy to get distracted. If you are on Facebook or any other social media site you probably get  hit up with a dozen opportunities per day. Remember this, you can’t do them all. So pick one, put your blinders on, and get to work.

meMLM Secret #5 – Brand yourself, not your company.  People join people, not companies.  When I first got involved with MLM  I used to promote it on America Online (AOL). I would always pick an AOL screen name that had the name of the  MLM company that I was involved with in it. After going through several MLM companies in my first few years and having to change the screen names I finally realized  I should just brand myself and so I took the AOL screen name “Jack Bastide”.

MLM Secrets # 6 –  Work on yourself more than you work on your business. There’s an old saying leaders are readers. Instead of watching mindless TV why not pick up a personal development book or listen to an audio?  Fill your mind with success principles  stuff and you will have success.

MLM Secrets # 7 –   If you can’t change your friends … change your friends. Many friends may tell you that MLM doesn’t work. It’s a scam. These are the same people were living paycheck to paycheck and going to a job that they absolutely hate. So why would you take financial advice from somebody that’s not having the financial results that you want? They say that your income will be the average of your five closest friends.  Start hanging out with like-minded people

MLM Secrets # 8 –  Be a perpetual student. When you think you know it all you’re about to have a fall.You should always be sharpening your ax. Be a student of marketing.

MLM Secrets # 9  –  Your product is not your product. Your product is people. Always be building your network and never prejudge anybody. Did you ever wonder why certain people can join an MLM company and rocket to the topic compensation plan in   The blink of an eye? It’s because of their relationships.  The larger your network, the larger your net worth.

marathonMLM Secret # 10  –  Never give up!  If is often said that most people quit right before they are about to have success. My friend Jordan joined 11 Network Marketing companies in 10 years and never sponsored a single person.

In his 12th company he became a millionaire

I hope you enjoyed these 10 MLM Secrets. Please comment below with any of your own secrets

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9 thoughts on “MLM Secrets – 10 Steps To Network Marketing Success

  1. Hey Jack,

    When it comes to secret #10, I sometimes think part of the reason I’ve never “broken out” is that I’ve never really been at “rock bottom” either. lol, how is someone who’s had “moderate to middling” success, pretty much from the very beginning, ever going to be able to tell a good “rags to riches” story like Jordan’s? 😀
    Todd Morris recently posted..Could a Family Live Without Satellite or Cable TV?

  2. These are very good! I agree with them all! One more I would add is something I learned from “Big Al”… no company is perfect. As Big Al says: “All MLM companies have problems. Your job is to choose the one you want to have your problems with.”

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