MLM Recruiting – Warm Market Tip

mlm recruitingMLM Recruiting – Warm Market Tip

How To Get Your Warm Market To Ask YOU About YOUR Business!
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Hi There!

It’s Jack Bastide from MLM Recruiting can sometimes be a lot of work.   Today I’m going to share with you a little tip on how to put your warm market mlm recruiting on autopilot and make your friends and family ask YOU about YOUR business .. instead of you having to tell THEM!

answeringmachineMake sure to have a promotional message on your  Answering Machine!

Let me ask you this …

Who calls you at home? Your friends …  Your family … Your WARM MARKET!

Well what do they hear when they get your answering machine?

“Hello, you have reached the Jones family. Please leave your name and phone number and we will get back to you”

Probably something like that right?

Well what if you answering machine could do your MLM Recruiting for you?  What if it said something like this instead …

“Hello, you have reached the Jones family. We’re really excited because Bob has lost 8 lbs in two weeks with a great  new product we found.  If you know anybody that would like to lose a little weight let us know. Take care and have a Great Day!”

Or maybe something like this …

“Hello, you have reached the Jones family. We’re really excited because we found  a really cool business that we can work from home. If you know anybody that would like to earn some extra money from home let us know. Take care and have a great day!”

See the difference? EVERYBODY that calls you will know what you are doing. If they are interested they will ASK YOU! It will put your MLM recruiting on autopilot. As a side benefit you will also be letting all those pesky telemarketers know what you are doing! :0)


MLM Recruiting – A True Story

Several Years ago when I still lived in New York we used to love going to a particular Chinese restaurant. The owner was a very successful guy named Danny who owned several restaurants. One day I called to make reservations for that night. I must have called too early because nobody was there and I had to leave a message on their answering machine.

chineseA few hours later Danny the owner called back. Since I practice what I preach I have a promotional message on my answering machine message.  I don’t remember EXACTLY what it said but it went something like this …

“Hello you have reached the residence of Jack and Eva. We’re not home right now but if you leave your name and number we will get back to you as soon as possible. By the way I am involved in the Network Marketing Industry, an Industry that has created more millionaires than any other. If you would like to know how YOU can get involved let us know. Take care and have a great day!”

So here’s the message that Danny left on my answering machine …

“Hi, this is Danny from Danny’s Garden Restaurant calling to confirm you reservation for 6 PM … we’ll see you then. Oh and by the way what is this Network Marketing thing?

When we got to the restaurant I told Danny who I was and told him about my business. He joined on the spot and over the next two years made me a millionaire.  Ok I’m kidding.  Actually he didn’t join but at least I had the opportunity to talk to him about it. Over the years I have had many people ask me about my business because they heard about in on my answering machine. Some joined, most didn’t  …  that’s the nature of the business.

My Current Answering Machine Message

My current answering machine message does my warm marketing MLM Recruiting for me. goes something like this:

“Hello you’ve reached the home office of Jack Bastide. If you’re getting this message I’m either out by the pool or maybe I’m walking around Disney or maybe I’m on vacation somewhere. You see several years ago I fired my boss and now I work from home. So anyway leave me a message and I’ll get back to you and if you want to know how you can work from home let me know that as well. Take Care and have a great day”

So put a promotional message on your answering machine today! It doesn’t cost you anything and can only help with your mlm recruiting. Of course if your Boss calls you at home this may pose a bit of a problem. But who know he or she may be interested in your business as well!  (I have a funny story about my old boss. Remind me to tell you about it sometime!)

Until next time  …

Jack Bastide


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