MLM Leads – Where to Get Them

MLM Leads

got leadsMLM Leads. Without them your business is dead in the water. The lifeblood of any MLM business is prospects and once you run out of family and friends who do you talk to? You need MLM Leads!

But how do you get them? Well there two ways. You can generate your own MLM leads or you can buy them. If you are buying them there are all types. There are Real Time MLM Leads, Exclusive Leads, Phone Verified Leads. Surveyed Leads, Aged Leads, Genealogy Leads and much more.

It’s Enough To Drive You Nuts!

In this Article I am going to list Every MLM Lead Source known to man. Some are good and some are bad. There is no possible way for me to personally test every lead source. But heres what will make this list really valuable. In the comments section please list which MLM lead sources you have experience with. If we all share our experiences we can separate the good from the bad and the ugly.

MLM Leads – The List


Company Name Website
Apache Leads
Brilliant MLM Leads
Cutting Edge Leads
Elite MLM Leads
Fast MLM Leads
HBB Leads
LCS Leads
Leaders Club
Lead Overage
Lead Power
List Guy
MLM Lead Genie
MLM Lead Specialist
National Leads
Network Leads
Peak USA
Profit Signups
Target MLM Leads

Note: This list is for informational purposes only. does not recommend or endorse any lead source. Your results will any particular lead sources will vary according to many factors including your own personal your skill level

One excellent tool that I have found to be helpful in building strong relationships with prospects (and team members) is a Internet based greeting card company called Send Out Cards

This list is a work in progress. Please leave a comment and let me know if you have used any of the lead sources listed here and what kind of results you have gotten. Let me know if you know of any good MLM lead companies that are not listed here

Jack Bastide

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7 thoughts on “MLM Leads – Where to Get Them

  1. Nice list Jack.

    Just wanted to let everyone know I’m happy to help out on any questions about mlm leads. I’ve been in the business for 10 years now running my Apache Leads site, I’m starting to get a handle on leads now :)

    Keep up the good work!


  2. I happen to like Myteamleads which is not on your list as they really do a lot of pre qual before they send the lead to you but they are pricey.

    As for things like aged leads etc, I don’t think there is such a thing as “bad leads” there are just bad approaches to dealing with leads. If you have the mindset that the leads are bad, you already failed. If you just talk to enough people, you will recruit….that’s my .02 cents.

    Scott Manesis

  3. Thanks for the information. I guess there’s really no sure fire way to know if the leads are going to be any good or not. Just like in all other business ventures, experimenting is the key.

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