MLM Lead Generation Explained

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The lifeblood of your network marketing business is leads. There are only two ways to get these leads. One way is the buy the leads. The other way is to generate MLM leads yourself.

There are many places to buy network marketing leads.  In fact i even wrote a separate blog post  about where to get the best mlm leads.

Here Are Some Methods of MLM Lead Generation

Your Warm Market – The first thing you do when you join a network marketing company is to notify everybody you know about your new business. I like to send them a business announcement card. I use an online greeting card service called Send Out Cards.

Facebook – Social media is a great way to generate MLM leads. One of my favorite social media sites is Facebook. I use Facebook to build relationships with people which eventually leads to talking about my business. It is important not to spam your business opportunity on Facebook. Use it to build your network of contacts and the business will naturally come.

Linked In – Linked in is another great social networking site. It is comprised mainly of business owners and professionals. It is a much higher quality demographic than Facebook.

Drop Cards / Sizzle Cards



Printed Post It Notes

Bandit Signs

Blogging – Blogging is a great method of MLM lead generation. If you target the right keywords in your blog posts your prospects will naturally find you.

Forums – Online Forums are another good place to find prospects for your MLM business. – is sort of an off-line version of Forums. You can put in your zipcode and find all of the meetups in your area. Meetups are great for mlm lead generation. Make sure to dress nice to make a good first impression and have some business cards. One thing I like to do is take a digital camera with me and take picture with people and then send them a greeting card with that picture using the Send Out Cards System. They will NEVER forget you!

BNI Business networking International is a well-known and popular networking organization. Although they charged a yearly fee it is free to visit. I suggest visiting a local chapter to see if it interests you. – Craigslist is the largest free classified site on the Internet. Although they do not like MLM ads if you are creative it can be a great source of prospects for you.

Pay per click – Google has a program called adwords which allows you to buy ads on their platform. Facebook also has the ability to buy ads as does Yahoo, Bing, LinkedIn, and many other sites. Be careful with Pay per click because it can be quite costly.

Print Advertising – there are several magazines that target people that are looking for a home base d business. Always negotiate and never pay the Rate card price. I have a few good contacts at some of the magazines so if you want to go that route contact me and I can help you get the best deal.

The key to MLM lead generation is to have a good offer that appeals to your prospect. For example if you were targeting people that are already in network marketing you may want to offer them a product that shows them how to build a network marketing business.

Overwhelmed? There are a lot of ways to generate leads online for your network marketing business. My best suggestion is to pick one method and master it. Only then should you move onto the next method

For more information on MLM lead generation check out MLSP

Jack Bastide

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