MLM is For The Birds!

Recently, I was cutting the hedges in front of my house, when a bird ‘buzzed’ me. She almost landed right on top of my head! At first I thought it was a freak occurrence. Then it happened again. When I looked closely in the bushes near where I was cutting I saw a nest of baby birds. She was protecting her nest.

Later on I noticed that the mother had flown away. I went back to take a closer look. I saw four cute little baby birds in the nest. When I touched the branch near them they all opened their mouths at once. It was the cutest thing I have even seen. They were waiting for me to feed them!

During the day the mother would leave the nest to forage for food. She would them come back and feed them. At this point they were totally helpless and dependent on their mother. If she didn’t come back they would starve. I kept a close eye on the nest to make sure everything was ok.

One day I went to check and the nest was empty. I feared that something had happened to the babies. Later on I saw the mother and the babies perched on my roof. They had learned to fly on their own. I saw them for a few more days and then they were off. Hopefully they will return next year.

So what does this have to do with your Network Marketing Business? Well think of the new person you just signed up. They are like a baby bird. They are totally helpless and dependent on YOU for feeding. Only in this case you are not feeding them food, you are feeding them knowledge and experience. Feed them well and they will soon learn to fly on their own. Ignore them and they will wither away in the nest.

Your Friend,
Jack Bastide

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One thought on “MLM is For The Birds!

  1. Good analogy! But that’s right, you can never really leave that person to fend for himself. You always want to get it right, because you benefit from him as well.

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