MLM Guru Secrets – How to Get Lots of Leads

MLM Guru Secrets – How to Get Thousands of Leads
Guest Article By By Verniel Cutar

Over the past few years, many network marketers have begun to explore new lead generating methods. They discovered ways to go beyond the three foot rule, the warm market list, and organizing home meetings. Many distributors have begun to explore the internet and its possibilities for generating endless flow of leads MLM business.

Here are some proven ways to generate a horde of MLM leads already interested in your business opportunity:

1. Participate in social networking sites. Websites such as Twitter and Facebook are awesome places where you can brand yourself and be seen by your target market. The atmosphere in these social sites is more personal, not commercial, that’s why people tend to be more open to you because you communicate to them on a personal level. On your profile pages, you can also display your main website links. That’s an added exposure.

2. Post videos. If you’re the type of person who feels confortable speaking in front of the camera, and has the knack for initiating ideas that turn into smash hit videos, then video marketing is for you. There are endless opportunities for you to post interesting content on Youtube, Myspace, Viddler, Dailymotion and other video sites. With the use of relevant keywords or tags attached to your video, people will be able to watch you for free and hopefully follow you to your blog or main website.

3. Build a blog and regularly post heavy, original content. If you build a blog, you literally expose yourself and your business to a massive horde of people actively searching the internet. Why? Because Google loves content. If you regularly post original articles and blog posts, sooner or later, your blog will appear in search engine results and you will get more traffic to your site. That’s an instant flow of leads for you.

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