Memory Jogger – MLM Warm Market List

list 1Memory Jogger –  Warm Market List

One of the first things that your sponsor will ask you to start building your MLM team is to start “Making Your List”.  I can hear the groans now. With the advent of the Internet and “Attraction Marketing” is it really necessary to do this?  The answer is an unequivocal yes!  The Warm Market list is a tried and true method of building an MLM business and always will be.

How to use this Memory Jogger …

1- Read through each group of contacts

2- If someone comes to mind write down their name (don’t worry about looking for their contact information yet)

3- Keep in mind that their may be some duplicates. (for example your brother’s friend may also be your friend, Your favorite Aunt may also be the Realtor that sold you your house .. etc.

4 – Don’t PREJUDGE anybody as to whether or not you think they would  be interested in your product, service or business …. just write down their name!

5 – When you get finished then start figuring out how to contact these people.

Your Relatives

Your Mom
Your Dad
Your Sister(s)
Your Brother(s)
Your Niece(s)
Your Nephews(s)
Your Grandson(s)
Your Granddaughters(s)
Your Grandfather(s)
Your Grandmother(s)
Your Son(s)
Your Daughter(s)
Your Mom’s Sister(s)
Your Mom’s Brother(s)
Your Dad’s Sister(s)
Your Dad’s Brother(s)
Your Male Cousin(s)
Your Female Cousin(s)
Your Favorite Aunt
Your Favorite Uncle
Your Mother-In-Law
Your Father-In-Law
Your Sister-In-Law(s)
Your Brother-In-Law(s)

Friends and Acquaintances

Your Best Friend Your Other Friend(s) Next Door Neighbor(s)
Other Neighbor(s) Mom’s friend(s) Dad’s Friend(s)
Son(s) Friend(s) Daughter(s) Friend(s) Your Boss
Favorite Co-worker Other Co-Workers(s) Your Boss’s Boss
Twitter Friend(s) Facebook Friend(s) Myspace Friend(s)
Linked-in Friend(s) Forum Friend(s) Social Networking Friend(s)
Your Youtube Friend(s) Your MLM Friend(s) Your BNI Group
Grammar School Friends High School Friends College Friends
Chamber of Commerce Knights of Columbus
Fraternity Friends Sorority Friends Your Teacher(s)
Your Christmas Card List Friends from Church Spouse’s Best Friend
Sent You Christmas Card Sent You Birthday Card Who Calls You At Home?

Social Contacts

Who do you play cards with? Who do you play golf with?
Who do you play tennis with? Who do you work out with?
Who do you go Bowling with? Who do you go to concerts with?

Business Contacts

Who Sold You Your House? (Realtor) Who Sold You Your House? (Old Owner)
Who Sold Your Old House? (Realtor) Who Bought Your Old House?
Who Gave You a Mortgage? Who Sold You Home Insurance?
Who Sold You Life Insurance? Who Sold You Car Insurance?
Who Sold You Health Insurance? Who Sold You An Annuity?
Who Sold You Your Car? Who Sold Your Spouse a Car?

Do You Know Anyone That Lives in the Following States?

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

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8 thoughts on “Memory Jogger – MLM Warm Market List

  1. Everyone goes on the list. Said no before, put them on the list. said no this time, leave them on the list. Dead? Okay, maybe then they can come off!
    Determining who goes on by prequalifying them is a slippery slope. Soon you can keep anyone off the list. Remember, you need to be in position to help when THEIR situations make them receptive to a change. So keep them on your list!
    Jon R. Patrick recently posted..Your Content Creation Strategy

  2. While this is an excellent list, I just think there are much smarter ways to spend your time.

    I have to respectfully disagree with the whole “don’t prejudge anyone” sentiment…

    Even “if” you can coax some of your warm market into your MLM deal, why waste your time?

    If they haven’t raised their hand and expressed interest, are these really the types of people you want in your downline?

    I’d rather spend my time and energy marketing my opportunities to prospects who’re actively looking for what I’m selling.

    Better conversions, more production, less effort.

    With the internet, this cherry picking of the most high quality prospects IS possible.

    Just my two cents 😉

    I still respect your track record and history in this industry though, and I don’t deny that you can have success with warm market promotion — I’m just saying it’s more efficient to go the route I described.
    Brad Campbell recently posted..MLM Travel Company Offers Free 5-Star Vacation For New Members

    • I hear ya Brad … but it’s not an either / or thing

      I do cold marketing and online marketing .. but I also tell everybody I know about what I do.

      I you take a list of the top Earners In MLM and compare which ones did it the Warm market and which ones did in the cold market the Warm market wins hands down … it’s not even close.

      Many of the biggest Earners in MLM are barely even online

      Jack Bastide

  3. 4 – Don’t PREJUDGE anybody as to whether or not you think they would be interested in your product, service or business …. just write down their name!

    –That’s probably the best advice I’ve read to date. We’re often scared on how people are going to react to our products/services. Especially those who we think won’t be interested, like your sister’s cheerleader friends, or your grandma’s book club. I’ve come to realize that everyone is worth a try – you’ll ever know how it may turn out.

  4. Most people will never sell anything to friends or family, let alone talk f&f into being business partners. That is why MLM is a scam.

    If you can sell, you can sell dog food to someone who owns cats. You do not need to “believe” in anything.

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