– Meetup Groups for MLM – Meetup Groups for MLM

A great place to meet prospects for your network marketing business is Simply go to, put in your ZIP Code, and you will find all kinds of Meetup groups going on in your local neighborhood. is the world’s largest network of local groups. It’s a website where like-minded people can meet in their own community and do things together as a group. There are Meetup groups that cover all niches. You can find everything from Astronomy Groups to Zoological Groups and everything in between.

For example, I just went to, put in my Zip Code, and up came a whole bunch of different meetup groups such as:

smushy– The Kissimmee Motorcycle Riders Meetup Group
– The Orlando Area Smushy Faced Dogs Meetup Group
– The Orlando and Kissimmee Chihuahua Meetup Group
– The Osceola County Republican Party Meetup Group
– Orlando Scrap Bookers

You can also choose by specific categories. For example when I chose the career and business category I came up with the following:

– Want –  Women Always Networking Together
– Central Florida Daytraders,
– Internet advertising Group
– Content Marketing in Kissimmee,
– Toastmasters Division E
– The Kissimmee Osceola Referral Exchange,

and a bunch more.

Unlike many networking groups such as BNI, Toastmasters etc. there’s no commitment with  You can go to any of the meetup groups and check them out You are sure to find some you like.


Here are some tips for

Dress To Impress. First impressions are everything so make sure that you dress nice when going to a meetup group.

Bring A Camera. Take a picture of the group and get their email address and send them the picture. Or better yet you can use the online greeting card system I use to send them a custom greeting card with their picture.  You can find it at

Don’t Throw Up All Over Everybody. When somebody asks what you do don’t throw up all over them telling them how great your business is. There’s nothing more annoying to the average person than an MLM’er on a mission :)    Give them a little 30 second description (elevator pitch)  and then turn around and ask them what they do. People love to talk about themselves!

Your Business Cards Are Not That Important. Most of the time when I go to networking events I don’t even have a business card! The cool part is that everybody else does.  I make sure to get THEIR business card. So YOUR business cards are not that important … but THEIR’s are!

Don’t Try To Sell Anything. The main goal  you should have when going to a group is to make a few new contacts. I usually like to make a minimum of five new friends when I go to meetup groups. Connect with them after the meetup on Facebook.

Start your Own Meetup Group – Then YOU will be the big fish and have the credibility.

Good luck and happy networking!


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