Kody Bateman – Send Out Cards – One of The Good Guys

Today I am going to tell you about Kody Bateman, one of the really good guys in Network Marketing. Kody Bateman is CEO of SendOutCards, one the the most exciting opportunities in the MLM Industry. Along with President Erik Laver, another really good guy, Kody is building a company that is truly making a difference.

I’ve been in the MLM industry since 1994 and have known my share of Network Marketing company owners. Most were decent people except for a few that shall remain nameless. However none compared to Kody.

The Kody Bateman Rap

Besides being a very astute businessman Kody Bateman is quite the character. One of the highlights of any Send Out Cards Treat Em Right Seminar or event is the Kody Bateman rap where Kody will adorn rap attire and rock out to the beat. Think I’m Kidding? I got proof!

Compelling Why Behind Send Out Cards

In order to be successful in business you need to have a compelling why. For Kody Bateman it’s more than just the money. Kody has a saying ” The Crusade is Bigger Than The Deal”. The goal of Send Out Cards is to create millions of card senders all over the world. And heres why:

In 1989 Kody had just graduated from college with a degree in Marketing. He was offered a job in New York City . As he was packing his car to leave he saw his brother Kris in the distance. He had a “prompting” to go over and give his brother a hug good bye. But he was rushing so he ignored the prompting and beeped the horn and waved.

Several months later he got a call in the middle of the night. His brother had been killed in a tragical electrical accident. The first thing that popped into Kody’s mind was how he had ignored the prompting to say goodbye to his brother. He made a promise that night that he would never ignore another prompting and would help others to act on their promptings as well. The idea for Send Out Cards was born.

Send Out Cards Today

Today, Send Out Cards allows people to immediately act on their promptings by send greeting cards and a wide variety of gifts from the Internet. It was a process that evolved over a 12 year period. Kody Bateman kept his promise that he made that tragic night at 3 A.M.

Kody Bateman has written a chapter in the Book “Navigating The World of Network Marketing” written by myself Jack Bastide and my partner Diane Walker. You can get this book on Network Marketing by going to this website: Network Marketing Book

For more info on Kody Bateman and Send Out Cards -> SendOutCards

– Jack Bastide –

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One thought on “Kody Bateman – Send Out Cards – One of The Good Guys

  1. i think your product is brilliant. not sure who i can approach to get involved?
    eveyyone says “how much” not.. how much will i make but how much does it cost in the long run. then i get confused as to what to say. i need a brief like.
    it will cost you 398 and x per month for x months. can i cancel? if so what do i lose?
    things like that.
    you should a sheet of paper with a “rap” it makes things simple