Just Say Hi!

Just got this message on Facebook from a Total Stranger …

Hi Jack,

I see we have a few mutual friends. I’m sure you probably have your plate full, however, (His Company Name) is launching in the US this week. If you would like to lock in a position (I’m the 8th person in the company) you can do so for free before the launch, see link below. The analysts forecast us to hit over 75,000 within 2 years based on what we did in Taiwan. You can at least secure a position for FREE (as a director!) before our launch at…


This is the best of both worlds… ground floor and yet established. We have a global 5% income from the 35,000 reps in Thailand even though we are at square one here. (there are 10 streams of income) One of which is an UPLINE commission!!

The product is Laminine/YTE which boosts your serotonin levels (making you happeir) and lowers your cortisol which is the stress hormone, the combo of the two raise your labido, this is why its so hot right now. Ive had several people jump onboard in the last 3 weeks purely because of the product.

Feel free to call me you have any questions.

Have Fun, Name Withheld

My Response:

Hi Name Withheld,

Build relationships before pitching somebody on your MLM :)

Just say Hi! – Jack Bastide

Facebook has over 350 Million people on it. You could build your whole team just be meeting people on Facebook. But there is a right was and a wrong way to do things. That’s the wrong way!

Jack Bastide

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5 thoughts on “Just Say Hi!

  1. You hit it right on Jack.

    It appears that there is no more value in mlm. Everyone is just chasing everyone around and the marketing is WATERED down sound bites. What all these NEW marketers do NOT realize is that no matter what company you are in you are acutually in the PEOPLE BUSINESS.

    There is no bigger turnoff than PRETENDING to be my friend on facebook and then tell me all the stats of your company. YAWN!!! lol

  2. Jack, this is my first time at your blog, but I can already tell I’m going to like your posts, LOL!! It’s so ridiculous that people try to market this way-they wouldn’t walk up to a woman and ask her to marry them the first time they meet her, but they want you to join a business with them the first contact they’ve ever made? HILARIOUS.

    Jamie Gaymon recently posted..Beachbody Coach Success-6 Steps to Build a Massive Team in Less Than 90 Days

  3. Jack – I love how you brought this up! I am so tired of getting pitched on FB as soon as I add someone as a friend! Those people have NO CLUE how to build a business, MLM or otherwise! So glad you sent that response!

  4. There is a wrong and a right way to go about building a business using this thing known as the Internet.

    What a majority of people miss out on is the fact that the Internet is simply a tool that is used in the process of building. With all of the noise about automation, free and lots of money, people have a tendency to overlook the fact that work is still required.

    It doesn’t matter what industry you are in – the bottom line is that people are always going to be involved – that’s why it is important to focus on the relationship first.

    All to often, the focus is on the ROI, which is not bad, it’s just that you can’t build a relationship with money.

    Those types of “introductory”/getting to know you emails often get deleted. They come across as insincere and are quite irritating.

    Hopefully, more people will get the message and we will see changes occur in this field.

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