How to Use Social Networking Sites Like Facebook to Promote Your MLM

There are lots of people who want to know how to use sites like you tube, facebook, and my space to promote your network marketing business.

There are a few tips you should be aware of when you’re out there on social networks.

This is long term strategy. You WON’T get rich overnight but it’s worth the work it takes to build a strong online presence.

People don’t like to be sold. The single biggest mistake you can make on these sites is trying to pitch people on your deal.

The smartest thing you can do is market yourself as an advocate for the MLM industry. Selling marketing information to networkers allows you to do 2 powerful things.

The first is making some cash on the front end with information products that help network marketers build THEIR program… not pitching them on your deal.

No one who already has a deal wants to join your deal, at least not right now anyway, so don’t pitch. Help people instead because every network marketer wants to know how to be more successful in their existing program.

The second thing you can’t stop network marketers from buying is leads. People actually use leads and people actually use books, cd’s and training tools. (DUH)

Ask yourself which comes easier…

1. Try to pitch people on your MLM with facebook.

2. Offer other networkers on facebook free training to build their MLM?

Here is the caveat with number 2 above. Hidden inside your free stuff you offer them is a residual lead program or training tool that you sell.

You can do this by starting a generic MLM information group in facebook, or joining a few groups and offering a free e-book to other people in the group.

Here is the real punchline. If you already sold a retail product to this person, it’s much easier to get them to pay you over and over again for other things.

If this person who pays you over and over again never joins your MLM does that really matter to you?

If you still make money even from the people who don’t join, then what difference does it make?

That’s what I thought… no difference.

You just joined the “supply side” vs. the “pitch people on your deal” side.

Network marketing is people and relationship business. The better you are at developing relationships, the more successful you will be.

The behavior on social networks determines how likely people are to join you or buy something from you. If you market yourself as an advocate instead of a pitchman, it gives you the upper hand.

You’ll stand out amongst all the newbies who try to pitch everyone. In case you didn’t already know this, MLM and network marketing is an industry driven by newbies. Many of these new people have a job mentality instead of an entrepreneurial mentality.

(That’s an article for another day)

So if you really want to have success on social networks, just provide helpful information to other networkers.

Is everybody going to buy from you?


Is everyone going to join you in your MLM or direct sales deal?


Will enough people be attracted to you for you to be successful and get noticed?

Yes… if your self image is good enough. (and yes I can teach you that too)

So guess what?… the article you just read was pure GOLD and you know it.

This stuff works but not without action. If you want to know more step by step information about how to use social networking sites to promote your MLM then you know what to, contact me with the information in the resource box below.

Tim Welch has been in the network marketing and direct sales industry since 1994. As an introverted artist, he found it difficult to use the “old school” methods of marketing like cold calling leads, so he decided to learn how to use the internet to market himself. If you want to use the power of the internet and direct mail to build your MLM or network marketing business, visit Tim’s site:

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4 thoughts on “How to Use Social Networking Sites Like Facebook to Promote Your MLM

  1. Excellent information. Especially regarding not trying to sell others in Social Networks. It is much better to be a resource before being a vendor.

    By offering something of high value with no price tag attached you become known as a valuable resource.

    Nice article.
    Kathleen Gage

  2. This is great advice. I’m involved in a new MLM that compliments all other MLMs because of the personal and leadership development aspect of the actual service provided. The business is only in prelaunch phase but when it goes live in Jan 2009–watch out. I can’t wait to share this resource with other MLM entrepreneurs. Check it out at

  3. This is great advice, I’ve been positioning myself as a direct sales advocate and it’s paying off. I also wanted to add that your “expert status” doesn’t have to revolve around the industry – it can be in a field somewhat related to your product. For example we have distributors whose kids are autistic and they use our product with them, they can position them as an expert on parenting kids with autism. Or someone who sells a line of jewelry can position themselves as a fashion expert specializing in accessorizing. Be creative and think outside the box because they are far too many “MLM Experts” out there. If you become an expert in some side topic, the right people will find you through that topic. Good luck!
    Karen Clark
    Story Time Felts

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