How to Make Money Blogging – My MLM Strategy

bloggingHow To Make Money Blogging

There are many ways to Make Money Blogging …

You could do Product reviews …

You could promote affiliate programs …

When I wanted to learn How to Make Money Blogging I decided to go with what I knew …  Network Marketing also known as Multi Level Marketing or MLM.

After watching guys like David Wood (Founder of Empowerment Network), Ray Higdon (Top Earner at Numis Network) and Rob Fore rocket to the top of their comp plans almost exclusively through blogging I decided I wanted in.

A Few Caveats

Blogging is a long term strategy.  This is not something that is going to get me leads today, tomorrow, or next week. I don’t expect to see substantial results for several months and don’t expect to see the full effects of what I am doing for a full year. That’s ok, I knew that going in.

Blogging is not duplicatable. We live in a microwave society. People want things fast. Your  average person is not going to dedicate the time it takes to create a blog to generate leads on autopilot.  That’s ok, I’m not  average!

Continue building while Blogging. –  If I spent all my time blogging I wouldn’t make a dime and wouldn’t sign up any distributors. If my team started spending all their time blogging the same thing would happen. So I plan to spend an hour or so a day building my blog and the rest of my time building my business through normal channels such as warm market, social media, pestering friends and family  etc. :)

On 1/14 /13 I started my new  HowToMLM blog. I will be documenting my progress  on the blog.

 My Goals

1: Generate Leads – My main goal is to generate 25 FREE leads per day of people wanting to work with me in my primary company, Send Out Cards. By the time I talk to them they will have already have done the research on myself and Send Out Cards and be ready to go.

2: Brand Myself (Jack Bastide) – My 2nd Goal is to brand and establish myself, Jack Bastide, as an authority in the MLM world. When people are looking to join a company I want them to ask themselves “I wonder what Jack is up to? I’ve been reading his stuff for awhile, it might be cool to work with him”

3 – Establish MLM Authority Site – My 3rd goal is to establish as an authority site in the MLM niche. The place where people go when they need any information about MLM.

I am giving myself until 2/1/14 to accomplish these goals ..  wish me luck :)

A little background ..

I played around with blogging in the past. used to rank well for a few selected keywords. It then got hacked and I kind of left it alone for a couple of years.  Any authority that the site had was lost

I decided to resurrect the blog after seeing the kind of success people  like Ray Higdon, Rob Fore and David Wood were having with blogging.

How to Make Money Blogging – Step By Step

1: Install WordPress on Own Domain – On Jan 12th, 2013  I called my host to see if we could  save the blog. I installed a fresh copy of wordpress  though my cpanel on Hostmonster

2: Install WordPress Plugins – I installed the following plugins (All Free)

ALL In One SEO Pack
Commenter Emails
Comment Luv
Google Analytics Dashboard
Optin Revolution
Permalink Redirect
SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2
Share This
Subscribe To Comments
Ultimate Google Analytics
What Would Seth Godin Do

3:  Keyword Research – I did some keyword research using the Google External Keyword tool to see what people are searching for.   Most (not all) of my posts will be targeting a specific keyword.  Sometimes I will just write a short post off the cuff but if I am going to write a detailed post I will make sure to target a specific keyword by using it in the title and permalink and sprinkling the keyword through the post.

4 – Seo LInk Building – I started building links by commenting on Related blogs. Preferably Do Follow blogs but any blogs are good. I made sure my comments are good and not spammy.  I particularly look for blogs with the CommentLuv Plugin because this will create links to individual posts on your blog.

5: Get Connected – I installed the Facebook Social Plugin so that people could start liking may page on Facebook

 6:  Check Visitors – I Installed  Feedjit so I can see  Live visitors as they visit my site

 7: Spy on Competitors – I downloaded SEO Spyglass and started analyzing my competitors so I can duplicate their success

Results so far : For the first 2 or 3 weeks most of my traffic was coming from posting my blog on Facebook and other social media sites. Now I am starting to see search traffic come in from Google, Bing and Yahoo.

This is getting exciting :)

Over the next year I’m gonna learn all I can about blogging and SEO link building and will be sharing what I learn with you guys

More soon …

 Jack Bastide

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