Good Ole Fashioned Networking

We all get so caught up in the latest Whiz bang marketing techniques (myself included) but there is nothing as powerful as simply telling another person about what you do

Case in point …

This morning I had a nurse come over my house to do an exam for some new insurance I am buying.

After we were done she asked me If I had to go back to work that afternoon

I replied “No I Work from Home”

She asked what I did …

rather than being the Typical MLMer and jumping all over her I briefly I told her what I did and changed the subject

She pressed for More Details

I showed her a sample of my product and told her a brief story of how the business had allowed me to create a full time income from home (Elapsed Time 2:00 min)

She then told me her story and how she had gotten laid off form her I.T. job, was doing the nursing as a part time gig and wanted something she could do and stay home with her kids

I gave her a copy of Success From Home Magazine which is featuring my company and we have an appointment to talk tomorrow night about the business

Good Ole fashioned networking will NEVER go out of Style

Jack Bastide

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3 thoughts on “Good Ole Fashioned Networking

  1. Hey Jack,

    I would just like to mention that your blog theme looks great! I have seen this one numerous times, but it really is nice and looks clean. Good color choices as well. In regards to your post I totally agree! You have to be willing to get out there and really network with people. This type of business is all about people and relationships. I love internet marketing as much as anyone, but I still get on the phone and talk to people. Thanks for your insight Jack.

  2. i really am interested in this but i am skeptical…and who am i to trust them or you…i am confused and wish i new what to believe.

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