Free MLM Leads – How to Generate Them

free mlm leadsFree MLM Leads – How to Generate Them

A great way to generate high quality Free MLM leads and get a ton of exposure is by participating in a group ebook project. Several years ago I participated in one called “20 Ways to Make $100 a Day Online”.  Twenty of us got together and each wrote a Chapter on how to make Money online.

Although that project was in the Internet marketing niche, I wrote about my MLM. We sold it though an affiliate program and sold THOUSANDS of copies. My chapter took me a couple of hours to write and resulted in hundreds of Free MLM leads and numerous signups to my MLM business.

People were literally signing up without even talking to me, and the people that called me were extremely hot free mlm leads because they already knew me.

I still get Free mlm leads from that project today … several years later

I’m currently putting together a Group Ebook Project … It should result in lots of Free exposure and Free MLM Leads for those who participate in it.

I’m looking for 20 Authors. I will set it up as a Affiliate Program with a low cost (under $10) and 100% commissions to encourage people to promote it and share it with others.But the most important factor in whether this goes viral is the content.  I’m looking for top actionable content

If you want to generate a TON of High Quality Free MLM Leads here is what I need from you:

A Chapter about some kind of Prospecting Technique that works and has gotten you leads.

It can’t be theory, it has to be something that has actually worked, and continues to work, for you.

It should be ….

1500 – 2500 Words.
5 – 7 pages in MS Word.
Garamond 14 Font.

I did my Chapter on Craigslist. You can get it here and use it as a guide.

I would love to have you on board.

If you are interested please do the following …

1 – Comment below on the Topic you would like to write about.

2 – Hit me up on facebook.

If you have any questions just comment below and I will answer them there.


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