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free classifiedsFree Classifieds | Free Classified Ads | Craigslist | Kijiji and More!

A great place to advertise your MLM business is on the free Classifieds sites. While some of them do not like MLM ads you can get around that by being a bit creative. While many people are familiar with Craigslist, Backpage, and Kijiji (Ebay Classifieds) there are many other Free Classifieds sites as well.

Free Classifieds are a great way to promote your home based business or MLM. Some of the sites get a lot for traffic and some not so much. A  good way to tell is to take a look to see how many ads are being posted and how recently they were posted. If the last ad posted was a week ago it probably means that the site doesn’t have much traffic and it might not be worth your time to post a free classified ad.

Some of the free classifieds sites have a business opportunity section and some don’t so you might have to be creative.  My favorite free classified site, has a small business section where many people post their MLM’s and business opportunities.

I have found that the Business opportunity section is not particularly responsive.  I think a lot of people post their Biz opps but nobody actually reads the ads. I have had better luck by putting ads in the job section. You can also use reverse marketing and respond to those who are posting ads and build a relationship. Over time they may be a good prospect for your business.

Free Classifieds Ads Sites               – The granddaddy of them all            – Similar in look and feel to craigslist. Not as much traffic   –  (Formerly Kijiji, now owned by Ebay)

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6 thoughts on “Free Classifieds | Free Classified Ads | Craigslist | Kijiji

  1. Really, now a days marketing by classified ads is more economic even free way to share your ads with millions of visitors by classified ads through classified sites. I too like craigslist site.

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  3. Hey Jack,

    Thanks for this. As you know, I’m jumping back into the mlm game with a little more urgency, and a bit of free and/or local advertising is definitely one reaching out method that I plan to implement. Not sure I really the gumption to post in the jobs section … but as they say, if we want something bad enough, we’ll do what it takes to get it .. so perhaps I’ll have to learn.

    Todd Morris recently posted..Why Do Little Kids Love Bandaids?

    • Hey Todd,

      In my experience the Sales Job Section is the Best

      They are accustomed to working on commission so a transition to a discussion about a home based business is not that difficult


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