Free Advertising – Free Ads – Magazine Print

freeFree Advertising – Free Ads – Magazine Print

How to Get Thousands Of Dollars of Advertising in National Magazines … Absolutely Free!
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Hi There!

It’s Jack Bastide from  Today I’m going to share with you a little technique I use to get Thousands of Dollars of Free Advertising in National Magazines … without spending a dime!

Think About This …

What if there was a Television channel that was 100% ads? No situation comedies, no dramas, no sports, no entertainment, just ads. Would anybody watch it? Well with the exception of the home shopping channels probably not.

opworldWell it’s the same thing with magazines. If they put ads on every single page nobody would read them. They need quality content to keep them interesting. They are always looking for good articles to fill the magazine.

As I am writing this a Full Page Ad in “Opportunity World” magazine is listed at $4,995 and a full page in “Small Business Opportunities” magazine is listed at $11,255. You should NEVER pay what is listed on the rate card. I have advertised in these magazines for a lot less than that. But it still wasn’t cheap. But Free advertising is even better.

Here Is A Little Secret …

You can write an informative article that will help the magazine’s readers and they will run it in the magazine for FREE! On the bottom of the article you can put a resource box with your website and contact information. People that read your article and want to know more about you can contact you. Free Advertising at it’s best!

sbo1 – Buy the magazine and see what kind of articles they are presently running.

2 – Contact the Editor and ask if they accept articles from freelance writers and what their article submission policies are.

3 – Write Quality articles with no sales pitch. Save the selling for the resource box.

4 – Plan in advance. Many magazines have editorial calendars that show what kind of articles they are looking for in what month

5 – Advertise in the magazine. If you advertise a little in the magazine and build a relationship with the advertising manager that will be a good way to get your foot in the door

Everybody and their brother is writing online articles and submitting them to article directories and you should too. Offline articles, however, are an untapped niche that many people are not taking advantage of.  It’s a great way to get your name out their,  get known in your industry, and get some Free Advertising.  So start writing and maybe you will see your article in a magazine on the newstand. I’ve done it and so can you!

Until next time  …

Happy Networking!
Jack Bastide


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