Email Marketing | List Building in MLM

email marketingEmail Marketing | List Building in  MLM

Should you be building an email list if you  are in MLM / Network Marketing?

If you are an old school network marketer the answer may surprise you.

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Hi Everybody,

jackhtmIt’s Jack Bastide from I’ve gone over to the dark side. 

As a traditional Network Marketer I have always done the old school stuff. Warm Market, 3 Foot Rule, Walking and talking, Buying leads, fliers etc. I have never really built much of a list and done any email marketing. I always knew I should do it but I resisted it.

After interviewing my friend  Diane Hochman  last week on how she personally enrolled 97 people in two days with email marketing  I decided to start building a list of people that are interested in MLM. I’m starting out slow and small. My list is about a week old and I have exactly 100 people on it. These are mostly people that know me from Social Media. I plan to grow that list to thousands over the next year.

When I first posted on facebook and  that I was going to start building a list of people who were interested in Network Marketing and doing some email marketing I got very mixed responses from my friends. Some were appalled. .Others were shocked that I wasn’t already doing it

For example my friend Franco Gonzalez (no relation to Speedy)  said the following …


However my friend Terry Snyder, an old school Networker like myself, had a much different take …


Note: Since Terry is not concerned with building a list I didn’t link to his site above. If he sees the light and changes his mind I will link to his site. (You will like Terry. Although he can be a bit crotchety at times he’s very knowledgeable and can actually grow on you. (but then again so can fungus) :)

So that’s the deal. Over the next year I am going to be a blogging and list building maniac. The email service I am using is Aweber.  Wish me luck!

I will be sending all kinds of cool things like Tips, Training and Interviews with Successful Networkers to my list to help them with their MLM business. If you want to join my VIP List click here.

If you are in MLM and you aren’t building a list .. you should be!

Your friend,


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6 thoughts on “Email Marketing | List Building in MLM

  1. Jack, I love your style. It always makes smile at least and full out belly laugh most of the time. I fully believe that it doesn’t matter what your business is, you need to collect and capture those names and emails. Traditional network marketers do it too, but I think they think if it isn’t hosted by something online they think they are building a list.
    Tracey Hausel recently posted..Is Procrastination Okay?

  2. My company just made available a great new tool for building your email list. I was skeptical at first, but after reading this I will most certainly get involved with that option! Thank you so much!

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