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Drop Cards

Hey Guys,

12 years or so ago I was introduced to MLM by a Drop Card. Drop cards are also known as Sizzle Cards. I talk about Sizzle cards in anther article You can learn more about Sizzle Cards by going to this website -> Sizzle Cards

Because I was introduced to MLM by a drop card my first year or so in MLM all I did was put out drop cards. I got lots of local prospects. Since then I had gotten away from that … working mostly Online

Well I want to build locally because I want to OWN Orlando so I bought some Drop Cards. I bought these little Sticky Poly Bags filled with drop cards and put them up on the Bulletin Board at Walmart

I just got one of the best sounding leads I have ever heard. of course there are no guarantees but she sounds like a keeper

back to the basics … pretty cool


P.S. I don’t recommend Drop card as a MAJOR prospecting activity but if you always have some with you it doesn’t hurt to leave them around ,, you never know who may pick it up

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3 thoughts on “Drop Cards – Sizzle Cards

  1. Jack-

    I agree. I love sizzle cards. Easy, cheap, fast. And when those folks get to your lead capture page and opt-in, they are much more likely to pick up the phone. We did actually recruit someone who told us she found it in the airport bathroom.

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