Does Your MLM Company Have Integrity?

Hey Guys,

I have heard all kinds of stories where companies will move around downlines, Insert heavy hitters into existing positions, give sweetheart deals etc. Well I am happy to say that my company doesn’t play those games. Everybody starts at square one and everybody plays by the same rules

I had a situation recently where a guy signed up under somebody on my team. What we didn’t know is that he already had signed up a few years earlier but never worked it because he didn’t click with his sponsor. Unfortunately for him he continued to pay the $35 renewal fee each year rather than letting the position expire and revert to a Wholesale customer positions

Well the company found out he signed up again they wouldn’t allow it. We tried Begging, calling in favors, everything we could but no dice. So now he has canceled his position and is waiting the 6 months to start over again

I know that my company is not alone in having this integrity but there ARE companies that will play down-line musical


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