Diane Hochman – Enroll 97 People In 2 Days

Diane HochmanDiane Hochman – Enroll 97 People In 2 Days

This Interview is a MUST LISTEN!

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Hey Guys,

It’s Jack Bastide from HowToMLM.com

I recently interviewed my Friend Diane Hochman for my How To MLM Newsletter

The Topic? … How she was able to enroll 97 people into her program … in two days.

That’s PERSONAL enrollments …

My personal best is 22 in a Month so I was pretty intrigued by what she was able to do. After talking to her it opened my eyes up to a lot of possibilities.

Just so you know Diane Hochman is an not a technical wiz. In fact she has been called the Digital Dingbat. So everything we speak about in the interview is stuff that you can do!

Prior to the Diane Hochman interview I made a post on facebook and asked people what question they wanted answered

I got a ton of responses …

Here Are Some of the Questions I Had For Diane Hochman.


Jack – So let’s start from the beginning. What did you do before you were involved in the Home based Business Industry?

Jack – How were you introduced to this industry?

Jack – Everybody loves a good rags to rich story. I know that were in a lot of credit card debt at one point.. Can you tell us about that?

Jack -(Joke Question to illustrate Digital Dingbat )   Surely if you want to succeed online you need to be a technical whiz. So if I wanted to get my website of the front page of Google should I focus on longtail keywords and what is the ideal keyword density? And also with the Recent Panda update should I add more Latent Semantic Indexing to my content to be more relevant  to Google?

Jack – We hear the term “Attraction Marketing” used a lot. I have heard of you referred to as the “Queen of Attraction Marketing”. So what does exactly is “Attraction Marketing” and how did you learn about it?   

Jack – Let’s get to the reason that everybody is listening to this interview. They say the average MLMer enroll s 2.3 people in their lifetime.  You enrolled 97 in two days. What da heck is that all about?. Tell us a little about the process and then I have a bunch of questions that I got from people on facebook.

What are the exact steps someone who is brand new to the MLM world can take to easily enroll people without chasing them?

Do you engage people who have had a bad MLM experience in the past, or do you just move on?

Is this something realistically that someone without a huge email list can do?

I would ask her what tactics she uses for leads: ie Who, what, when, why and which to stay away from. How does she figures her cost per client acquisition, across all channels of lead generation? How much of her income come from back end sales vs. new client signups? What is her back end strategy ie: relate to the MLM, or Non related, mixed? What tools does use for split testing? What percentage of her business comes from the production of video? Is Social Marketing what the Guru’s say it is in respect to MLM, or is it going to be in the future?

Jack – here’s my GOOD question for Diane Hochman – as Diane lives in the same town as me, I would love to know if she is sponsoring any LOCAL events that me and my team can attend here in CT

We had some discussion about this a couple days ago and I’m interested to what she’s doing. I’d like to understand the post sign up process. She says it’s automated. Is it conference calls… webinars… videos? Combination or all of the above? Is it general MLM ‘how to’ content or more company specific?

I would like to know what the trick is for driving traffic to a website. There is so much of the same content out there…what makes what she does so unique? Like Terry Snyder, once you got them then what…Does she actually pickup the phone or is it all automated via email, newsletters? Does she allot a certain amount of day to the phone and a certain towards marketing online? How does she balance her home life with how busy she is????? Does she believe in all avenues of technology – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn – which does she feel is the best avenue? Hope I posted some questions others want answers for as well..

What avenues does she use to find the prospects? Did they all then work the business? How does she handle working with all of those new team members and helping them get started on the right foot?

Once you have someone on your website, how to you get them to join your list?

My Question for Diane Hochman : Which component of marketing is more valuable to you in terms of how much time you spend on it? The High Tech or The High Touch.

Here’s another question…I have been told it is better to brand yourself rather than your business. Do you believe that is true? Should we market ourselves as gurus or that we have an awesome product and opportunity if we are marketing online.

How Do I Get The Diane Hochman Interview?

I have know Diane Hochman for  a long time so we bantered back and forth for well over an hour. A lot of the stuff was from the question list above but we also talked about a lot of stuff on the fly. If you want to get the recording of the Diane Hochman Interview for free go ahead and sign up for my newsletter here   On  the top of the thank you page will be a link to the Diane Hochman interview


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