Checking The Prospects Interest Level

checkI tried out a new closing line recently and it worked like a charm

After I was finished with my presentation I asked her a simple question.

and that question was …

“On a scale of 1 – 10, With 1 being this is the stupidest thing I ever saw and 10 being “Here’s my credit card lets get signed up … Where are you?”

She replied 10

So I signed her up :)

I’m gonna try this some more… will let you know how it goes


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12 thoughts on “Checking The Prospects Interest Level

  1. Jack,

    This indeed is a great closing line…I’ve used a variant on the close of 10 being…”Let me get my credit card and let’s get started”

    I may have to use “the stupidest thing I ever saw” phrase. 😉 LOL Good stuff Jack.


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