Cheap MLM Leads

I am of the firm belief that the difference between a $5 lead and a 5 cents lead is $4.95 I have been using Citalink to call really cheap leads (I’m talking 5 cents or less per lead)

I wouldn’t recommend calling these kind of leads by hand because you will get lots of disconnected and invalid numbers. But Citalink makes it a breeze

So anyway just got a call from a guy who said “You called me a few days ago” I had no idea of who it was so I simply said: “Oh yeah, I believe we had spoken and you were looking for a home based business”

He said “Yes I am”

So we spoke a little and he is really sharp

I did a presentation of my business and he is very interested.

He wants me to call him again Wednesday

I looked in my Citalink back office and we never had actually spoken before. He must have called back because my number was on his caller id

I have been testing these cheap leads and I have been finding some good people.  In fact , I bet I could pick up the phone book  and randomly call people and a certain percentage wil be open to hearing about what I am doing


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6 thoughts on “Cheap MLM Leads

    • Josh,

      I agree that learning how to market is extremely important … but it takes time

      In the meantime Warm market and calling cheap leads to get practice is a good way to get started.


  1. Jack that looks interesting. I noticed you did not post a link and so I googled it. But when I went to the page, it was just a sign in page and no information. Can you email me some more information about Citalink? Thanks!

  2. Sounds like a time consuming system though. I much prefer waiting for people to contact me because I at least know they’ve got enough motivation to track me down – If they can’t be bothered there’s more than anough people wanting to join who’d happily push time wasters out of the way!

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