Cedrick Harris Resigns From Visalus Sciences

cedrick harris resignsCedrick Harris Resigns From Visalus Sciences

Wow Big News! – 7 Figure Earner Cedrick Harris resigns from Visalus Sciences on April Fools Day!

Was he joking?

Hey Everybody,

It;’s Jack Bastide from How To MLM.com

As you know people leave MLMs all the time. It’s no big deal. But when a Top Recruiter like Cedrick Harris resigns,  it’s news

On April 1st 2103 Cedrick Harris announced he was leaving Visalus. He did it on April Fool’s Day  with the Youtube Video below

So was he joking?… I don’t think So

Cedrick did it in a classy way without speaking bad about Visalus.  A lot of times when people leave an MLM they do a scorched earth campaign and trash the company they just left.

To be honest I never saw Visalus as being a good fit for Cedrick. Visalus thrives on a home party model. They have shake tasting parties that they call  “Challenge parties”. Theres nothing wrong with home parties. Many of the most success MLM’s and Direct sales companies use them. But Cedrick Harris is a Internet / Affiliate Marketing Guy …

The one thing Cedrick is very fond of is …

Multiple Streams of Income

Visalus has a very strict policy against working multiple Opportunities

Several months ago they issued an ultimatum to a large number of Visalus reps that were also working Empower Network. They made them choose between Visalus and Empower Network.

From what I gather, many of them left Visalus.

Some that left include Lawrence Tam, Toby and Layla Black and Franco Gonzales

Will that decision pay off? Only time will tell. But they are all great marketers and I’m sure they will do well wherever they are. But it was a gutsy decision. Empower Network is an untested model that many people think will not last

I can understand why they made that decision. If my MLM company tried to control my life like  that I would be pissed off too.  Melaleuca is another company that is infamous for terminating people in the same manner

The jury is still out on that decision. What would YOU have done?

So Where Is Cedrick Going?

When I first heard the news I assumed Cedrick was going to Empower Network

But then I saw this Video …

It appears Cedrick is going to EvolvHealth. I can’t confirm this but I wish him luck


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19 thoughts on “Cedrick Harris Resigns From Visalus Sciences

  1. This was a gut wrenching decision no doubt. So glad he did not leave for EN, which I don’t consider a company at all. Don’t know much about Evolv, but certainly wish Cedric the best.

  2. It’s nice to see somebody handle what I am sure was a difficult decision with some class.

    Best of luck to him….although I am sure he doesn’t need any luck…he’s got a bit more going for him :)

  3. Good analysis Jack. Sometimes people look at the numbers and make a business decision to leave. Other people, who are often emotionally chained to the business see it as some sort of betrayal. At the end of the day though, if you can’t make a business decision about your business, then is MLM really “a business”?

  4. Jack,

    If you reach the top rank (Eagle) in Send Out Cards they will also want to prevent you from working multiple MLM opportunities. You have to sign an agreement that you’d only be working SOC. You could reach Sr. Exec and stay there but you can’t become an Eagle. You can remain Sr. Exec and collect your checks though.

    – Ben
    Ben Fitts recently posted..The Myth of Switching MLM Companies

      • Yes he did get an offer, the offer of freedom not to box him in with one stream of income. I’m sure the owners of where he was has a diversified portfolio. The nerve of some of these company owners.

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