May 26

MLM Guru Secrets – How to Get Lots of Leads

MLM Guru Secrets – How to Get Thousands of Leads
Guest Article By By Verniel Cutar

Over the past few years, many network marketers have begun to explore new lead generating methods. They discovered ways to go beyond the three foot rule, the warm market list, and organizing home meetings. Many distributors have begun to explore the internet and its possibilities for generating endless flow of leads MLM business.

Here are some proven ways to generate a horde of MLM leads already interested in your business opportunity:

1. Participate in social networking sites. Websites such as Twitter and Facebook are awesome places where you can brand yourself and be seen by your target market. The atmosphere in these social sites is more personal, not commercial, that’s why people tend to be more open to you because you communicate to them on a personal level. On your profile pages, you can also display your main website links. That’s an added exposure.

2. Post videos. If you’re the type of person who feels confortable speaking in front of the camera, and has the knack for initiating ideas that turn into smash hit videos, then video marketing is for you. There are endless opportunities for you to post interesting content on Youtube, Myspace, Viddler, Dailymotion and other video sites. With the use of relevant keywords or tags attached to your video, people will be able to watch you for free and hopefully follow you to your blog or main website.

3. Build a blog and regularly post heavy, original content. If you build a blog, you literally expose yourself and your business to a massive horde of people actively searching the internet. Why? Because Google loves content. If you regularly post original articles and blog posts, sooner or later, your blog will appear in search engine results and you will get more traffic to your site. That’s an instant flow of leads for you.

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May 18

Network Marketing Team – 5 Ways to Keep Your Team in Network Marketing Buzzing

Guest Article By George Fourie

Nothing beats having a motivated team in network marketing who share their positive energy amongst each other on a daily basis.

Never underestimate the power of the network marketing team. Energy is contagious and when you have team members that are in the zone and on fire, it can be the turning point for the new network marketing team member who is starting out and learning the ropes.

No doubt that the message above is an obvious fact. The problem is however that very few people are still building their MLM business traditionally or locally, so how do we spread the love and the energy when practicing internet and network marketing?

Most network marketers today hardly have team members in there home town or within driving distance from each other.

Technology is great and nothing beats working from the comfort of your home in shorts and shirt (my current and most frequent outfit).

So how can we use all of todays tools to ensure that we strengthen relationships, keep the team motivated and make sure that everyone is connecting and helping each other?

Here are 5 tried and tested methods that keep your network marketing team in the zone and sharing the positive energy.

1. Reply to all emails

This is an easy to manage system when your team is starting out. Keep everyone’s email addresses in the send or cc section and reply to all every time someone joins the team.

Congratulate your new team member and bathe them with support.

2. Create a Facebook group

It will only be a matter of time and your email system will become a headache to maintain. After all, it’s network marketing, so people do quit or move on.

It can become time consuming to mange and update the email addresses. So why not start a Facebook group? Take this positive energy and congratulate new members on their wall or within the group.

Now you’ve taken your team’s powerful energy public with Facebooks powerful newsfeed.

3. Skype Conference calls and group chats

Skype has to be one of the most powerful MLM tools that ever hit the internet. It makes communication easy and best of all, it’s free.

Host group calls or group chats with your team members. You can keep a group chat active at all times or schedule a set time every day for your team members to get on a conference.

4. Video Chat as often as you can

Speaking to your team members face to face strengthens relationships and builds trust. Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun!

You can use Skype for this. Or, there is an excellent application called ooVoo which allows multiple people (up to eight) to chat all at once.

5. Free conference line

Get a free conference line which you can use for conference calling with your team members. is the only one I’m aware of and it’s only available in the USA.



Twitter is really hot right now to stay in touch with people, build relationships and find great content and resources.

You can have a private Twitter account for your team members only, or you can take parts of your conversation public to attract attention to your network marketing opportunity.

Massive success to your network marketing team building efforts!

For more network marketing tips, visit George’s blog to discover more network marketing team building strategies. You can also follow George on Twitter.

May 16

4 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Leader

Network Marketing Leader

Guest Article By Wayne Wu

In the relatively short time I’ve been in network marketing, I’ve noticed there are basically two kinds of people in this business. Those who are peddling hard and getting very little results and those who sponsor people effortlessly, at will.

So just how do you go from being a broke, struggling network marketer asking everybody you come across if they would like to earn more money, to sponsoring distributors because they want to join your downline?

It’s simple. Be a leader!

There is absolutely no doubt about it, network marketing is a leadership driven business. This is why I think network marketing is such a beautiful business model because it allows ordinary people to become great leaders.

The only difference between the struggling networker, who persists beyond all measure, and an MLM leader is time. The time it takes to develop the leadership skills which are critical to success in this industry. Time. That’s all.

If you’ve been in this industry for some time, you’ll understand there is much more to the sponsoring process than just showing your business plan. It’s a psychological game. And the more you play it, the better you get at it.

Now, leaders in the network marketing industry do not have to go out and find prospects. There are people who want to join their business. Why? Because they are valuable to the prospect. They have something that prospects want.

Think back to when you were first prospected by a network marketer, what he or she say to you?

I’m guessing at some point, this distributor would have said to you something along the lines of: “I can introduce you one of my business associates who has achieved the lifestyle of his dreams through this business, and he’s teaching us how to do the same.” And that was the proof you needed to sign on the dotted line.

What you didn’t know at that time was just how long it took this leader of your team to get to where he is. But one thing’s for sure, he never gave up on his dream. Now, if you want to enjoy the same lifestyle as your upline Diamond, you must exert the qualities of a leader.

The good news you declare yourself as a leader whenever you want to. You don’t need anyone’s permission. Anybody who’s ever been in a leadership position, were leaders before they got there, not after.

But developing leadership qualities will take time. Possibly years of learning and development, pain and suffering, embarrassment and rejection. No leader in this industry has ever said this experience was not worth it.

Can you shorten this learning time?

Absolutely. It starts by giving yourself the gift of knowledge. Here are 4 steps you can take to give yourself a flying start in this industry…

  1. Study the great leaders of this industry. Read books written by people like John Milton Fogg, Randy Gage, Todd Falcone, Tom Schreiter. Subscribe to their blogs. Studying the great leaders of the MLM industry will boost your confidence. It will help you gain the mindset of a leader.
  2. Learn how to market. Marketing is a very powerful tool. It can put you in touch with the right people for your business. Unfortunately many network marketers have no idea how to market because they’ve never been taught by their upline (who doesn’t know how to market).
  3. Learn about people. Network marketing is a people business. Being able to understand people is critical for your success. Study personality types.
  4. Develop good communication skills. To be a person of influence you must be able to communicate effectively. You must be a good listener and a good speaker. A great book to read is “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.

Taking these 4 simple steps will greatly increase your value to the world and make you attractive to prospects who are already looking for what you have to offer.

Set yourself apart for other network marketers who are “duplicating” everyone else and be one of the few network marketing leaders. And soon you will have a growing automatic downline like your Diamond.

Wayne Wu is the creator of The Complete MLM Business which aims to help network marketers understand the concept of a Complete Business Model, and how principles of success in business can accelerate the growth of your network. Click here for The Complete MLM Business

May 16

Best MLM Company – What to Look For

Best MLM Company

Guest Article by AnnaLaura Brown

Editors Note: Having been in the MLM Profession since 1994 we have seen the Good, The Bad and the Ugly. We believe that we have found the Best MLM company bar none. That company is Send Out Cards Of course we are involved with this company so take our advice with a grain of salt as we are more than a little biased.

When looking for the best MLM company for you, there are certain questions you must ask of all potential companies and sponsors in order to make a good decision and one with which you can feel confident that you will have maximum success and thrive with the company and sponsor you have chosen.

1. How long has the MLM company been in business? Many people jump ship when they don’t make money and look for the next new company launching in hopes of getting in on the ground floor and making it big. Although it is exciting to think about being one of the very first distributors in a given MLM company, the reality is that 90% of them go out of business during the first two years, so it is best to join a company that is at least three years old. Companies that have been around for awhile have the kinks worked out. They know what works and what doesn’t work. They generally have a training and marketing system. You may want to check the Direct Selling Association (DSA) website to see companies that have met a years worth of scrutiney and criteria to be listed on thier site.

2. What is the product?  Is it something you are passionate about that would want to share with others? Is there really money in it? People and ads may say that there is money in it but is there really? And what is the percentage of people in the company that are actually making money? In many MLM companies, only a very small percentage of the distributors are actually making over $100 a month if anything at all. Do your homework and find out if there really is the kind of money in it that they claim.

3. What is the retail profit? A solid company and downline will be built quicker and easier if you can make money by retailing and not only by recruiting. A company that is product based will bring you that residual income as you and your downline build your customer base. This is money you can count on… recruiting and fast start bonuses may be few and far between and not a reliable monthly income. but if you have customers that love your product and order on a continuous basis, you have a base monthly income. Generally a 20%-30% retail profit is typical.

4. Who are the company owners and what is their track record? If they are honest and ethical leaders who have experience in network marketing, the company will be more successful long-term than if they have not. Google them, and check with other industry experts for thier opinion. Join forums and ask questions. The MLM industry is a closely knit community so someone has heard something!

5. How many other MLM businesses are selling the same product or something similar? Although competition can be good, too much competition or too many companies with the same or a similar product will make your job building a business more difficult. How many nutritional or weightloss MLM companies are there out there? How about travel companies or skin care and beauty? What makes your companies product unique. What is thier selling point? How do they stand apart from the herd?

6. How many reps are already in the company? If there are too many, the company may be saturated and this can make it hard to build a large organization. If there are too few and the company has already been in business for a while then something may not be right with the company. This is not to say that if you join a company like Amway, that you cannot be successful, but the chances that your friends and family and neighbors have already been approached 100 times is pretty likely unless you can put a new twist to it, or focus on one particular part of the product offering that is unique and build your own brand around that.

7. What are your options for building your MLM business with this company? Do you have to do parties? Can you do fundraising? Can you use the internet? Are there multiple ways to build the business or only one or two? Also think about whether you need immediate money or if you have  time to build a residual income. With a party plan, you can have a show right away and take home retail profits that night. Generally with MLM, it takes awhile to recruite and build a customer base, but in the long run, the residual benefits are greater. However, you can build an MLM by also having home parties that focus on your product and make some retail money up front. Be creative and diversify your efforts!

8. How much is the autoship? This is important not only for you, when you are getting started but for your future team members. Many companies have autoships of $150 or more and this can make it difficult for people who are just getting started to afford along with marketing tools and other expenses they may have. Depending on the product(s) you may not personally consume $150 of each month and it may stack up on your shelves unless you get out there and sell it each month. This is another reason to develop a customer base. If you have customers ordering monthy, this can fulfill your monthly auto ship requirement and when you’re just starting out and don’t have the cash, you won’t have to order every month. You can use the PV from the customers order to put towards your own monthly requirement. If you do have product inventory piling; you might consider offering specials to your current customers at a discount off the customer price. You’ll still make a little between wholesale and the preferred customer price and get those products moving off of your shelf before they hit the expiration date!

9. What kind of support and training is available? This is crucial for you especially in the beginning. Are you confident that your sponsor will not just sign you up and then leave you on your own? Choose your sponsor or recruiter wisely. Know that you can work with them and that they are genuine about helping you get started. Ask them questions to find out thier product knowledge, whether they have gone through any company training, and any other experience you feel they need to help you or find you help.

10. What is the comp plan or pay plan? Various plans will make it easier or more difficult to earn a large income? Learn your pay plans first! Again, ask the experts and people on the forums. There are extreme disadvantages to some and great advantages to others that will either make or break your business. Some reward only the top leaders while others benefit  everyone equally. And when you do join, learn how your compensation plan works. Some of them are very complex and you may be leaving a lot of money on the table each month if you aren’t aware of little things you could have done to hold onto that money.

11. What are the company’s plans for future expansion? If they only have one or two products now, will they have more in the future? Are they planning on opening in a country where you have prospects in the near future? If so, this may increase the likelihood that you will be able to grow your business faster and make more money with the introduction of new products. On the other hand, some companies do quite well with only one product for many many years… look at Xango! When you have one product focus, you have less to learn and an easier story to tell, but there are only a few companies that have had success with only one product for any length of time.

So remember, when choosing the best MLM company for you, be sure to do your research to ensure maxium results that will reward your efforts!

AnnaLaura Brown is a successful network marketer who enjoys marketing her business online. She finally joined her company in 2005 after searching and being introduced to many opportunities. Learn more about her and get some useful online business building tips as well as her free newsletter at Internet Network Marketing Learn about her specific MLM business at Online Candle Biz

Article Source: AnnaLaura Brown

Editors Note: Having been in the MLM Profession since 1994 we have seen the Good, The Bad and the Ugly. We believe that we have found the Best MLM company bar none. That company is Send Out Cards Of course we are involved with this company so take our advice with a grain of salt as we are more than a little biased.

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Network Marketing Leads – How To Tell A Qualified Lead From A Generic Marketing Lead

Do you know what the lifeblood of your network marketing business is? The obvious answer is of course having large quantities of leads. If you fail to generate leads, it is almost equated with the failure of your business venture. On the other hand, successful generation of these leads is considered the guaranteed way of succeeding in your home business.

Whether you are involved in multi level marketing or any other kind of marketing network endeavor, it does not matter as the same principles apply. Nobody can deny this truth; however, it is important that you are able to differentiate generic marketing leads from qualified MLM network leads. Continue reading

Jul 25

How to Use Social Networking Sites Like Facebook to Promote Your MLM

There are lots of people who want to know how to use sites like you tube, facebook, and my space to promote your network marketing business.

There are a few tips you should be aware of when you’re out there on social networks.

This is long term strategy. You WON’T get rich overnight but it’s worth the work it takes to build a strong online presence. Continue reading