Feb 11

Memory Jogger – MLM Warm Market List

list 1Memory Jogger –  Warm Market List

One of the first things that your sponsor will ask you to start building your MLM team is to start “Making Your List”.  I can hear the groans now. With the advent of the Internet and “Attraction Marketing” is it really necessary to do this?  The answer is an unequivocal yes!  The Warm Market list is a tried and true method of building an MLM business and always will be.

How to use this Memory Jogger …

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Feb 03

Free Classifieds | Free Classified Ads | Craigslist | Kijiji

free classifiedsFree Classifieds | Free Classified Ads | Craigslist | Kijiji and More!

A great place to advertise your MLM business is on the free Classifieds sites. While some of them do not like MLM ads you can get around that by being a bit creative. While many people are familiar with Craigslist, Backpage, and Kijiji (Ebay Classifieds) there are many other Free Classifieds sites as well.

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Jan 29

MLM Secrets – 10 Steps To Network Marketing Success

secretMLM Secrets

When doing some keyword research I found out that a lot of people are searching for the keyword “MLM Secrets”. So I guess the question I have is this … Are there really such things as secrets in MLM? Is there any magic sauce that will guarantee your success in MLM / Network Marketing?

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Jan 25

S-t-r-e-t-c-h that Comfort Zone!


We always hear about how we should get out of our comfort zone in order to be successful in Network Marketing. However, for most people, getting too far out of their comfort zone can actually be harmful.

You wouldn’t tell a person who is very shy and brand new to Network Marketing to go and cold call a bunch of strangers. Even if they were willing to do so, the massive rejection they would get might turn them off to network marketing forever. Continue reading

Jan 22

Never Try To Teach A Pig To Sing!

singingpigNever Try To Teach A Pig To Sing!
By Jack Bastide

There is an old saying that goes something like this: Never try to teach a pig to sing, it’s a waste of time and you will annoy the pig. What it means is that you should never try to convince somebody to your way of thinking. Not only will you most likely be unsuccessful you may damage the relationship with the person at the same time. This saying rings true in many areas of our lives but is especially true in Network Marketing. We are constantly trying to teach pigs to sing! Continue reading

Jan 16

MLM Lead Generation Explained

1-16-2013 1-29-42 PMMLM LEAD GENERATION

The lifeblood of your network marketing business is leads. There are only two ways to get these leads. One way is the buy the leads. The other way is to generate MLM leads yourself.

There are many places to buy network marketing leads.  In fact i even wrote a separate blog post  about where to get the best mlm leads.

Here Are Some Methods of MLM Lead Generation

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