Bandit Signs

Warning:  Foul Language – Below is a recording of a “prospect ” that called my voice mail looking for a home based business and then proceeded to curse me out when he found out that he would actually have to invest a few hundred dollars to start his business.

I then called him back. I told him thanks so much for the message that it was good for a laugh.  All of a sudden he was tongue tied … lol

You can listen to the message below.

The guy has a potty mouth .. you have been warned

This guy found me through a “Bandit Sign” you can read more about that below:

Hey Guys,

I have always loved Quirky Guerrilla kind of Marketing Methods. Years ago I used to stand in front of the World Trade Center with a sign around my neck that said

Sick of the Boss?

So anyway I went out at 5 am yesterday for an hour and put up some Bandit Signs

You know … these things

Mine Says …

MAKE $$$

I kept the wording Short and to the point.  ( I am using a Google Voicemail. If you haven’t gotten one you should its really cool and FREE!

The research I did said the best day is to put out the signs is Late Friday Evening / Early Saturday Morning which I did

I also read that when you put out the signs on Saturday you won’t get any calls until Monday or  Tuesday because people write the number down and call a few days later

So far I have gotten 4 calls

– One from an HOA asking me not to put signs on their property and to please remove it
(Which I Did .. lesson learned .. don’t put  Signs on HOA property)

3 calls from Prospects

Should be interesting to see what calls I get in the next few days

At one point I almost got a heart attack. I pulled  over to the side of the road and started putting  up a sign in the grass with a stake. As I did a Cop car slowly cruised passed.

Luckily He didn’t say anything :)


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4 thoughts on “Bandit Signs

  1. Jack,

    Great information! I’m in the process of using this tactic to generate leads for my network marketing opportunity. I will definitely give Google Voice-mail a try. Happy marketing!

  2. LOL well… I had to press play. It wasn’t as bad as I expected though. I have been cussed out too and like you, I just laugh it off and say NEXT. Next time I might try recording it although I may want to use Bleeps to keep my blog G rated.

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