Attraction Marketing Sucks

moneymagnetAttraction Marketing Sucks

The big buzz today in Network Marketing and MLM is Attraction Marketing. There are gurus sprouting up all over the internet that promise to teach you how to sit back and wait while prospects come to you with credit card in hand ready to buy …

All you have to do is buy their $497 Attraction marketing course.

What Is Attraction Marketing?

So what exactly is Attraction Marketing? Well it’s nothing more than creating a presence online so that prospects can find you. Create some Youtube Videos, start a blog, write some articles, create an info product, build a list.   Sounds easy enough right?

Here’s the problem. Attraction Marketing is extremely time consuming and not duplicable. If your team is spending their time learning how to do videos and setting up blogs they are not doing the ONE thing that IS going to make them money … Talking to prospects!

And here’s a question. If Attraction marketing is the holy grail of network marketing why are these gurus not using it to build a huge team?  Instead they choose to make money by selling you the information. Think about it. The truth is that many of the “Gurus” have never built a significant network marketing organization. But they will teach you how to do it … for a fee of course!

Don’t Believe the Hype!

Burn your names List! Never pick up the phone! Just pay me for my course and you will never have to call a lead again! Buy my Super Duper Whiz Bang Attraction Marketing funded proposal system and you can build a huge Network marketing organization without ever talking to a single human being! If you believe all of this nonsense I got some swampland in Florida to sell you real cheap. I have news for you …many of the top earners in MLM barely even use a computer!

Now let me take a step back a little bit. I am not opposed to building a Network marketing organization online. I am not opposed to Attraction Marketing. I have been doing it for years. But you have to have realistic expectations.  If you think you are going to put up a blog and have people immediately calling you to join your business it’s not going to happen. It can take months and even years to develop a huge online presence.

Attraction Marketing systems like Magnetic Sponsoring,  Renegade Network Marketer Attraction Marketing Blueprint and others can work,  but not overnight. The most important thing to realize is that they will NEVER work as good for you as they do for the Guru’s that wrote them, They are branding the Guru and not you.

Network Marketing (MLM) Is a Relationship Business

Network Marketing is a relationship business. We are in the people business. So why not start with the people that you already have a relationship with? I know you don’t want to hear this but start with your warm market. Give them a call. Send them a card using a system like Send Out Cards. Send them an email. Let them know what you are doing.

From there you can go to your extended warm market.  Connect with some people from the past through social media like Facebook, Twitter or Linked-in. Social media is also a great way to meet new people but you have to do it correctly and that’s beyond the scope of this article. Attraction Marketing can be part of your arsenal as well … just don’t fall for the hype.

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Jack Bastide is a Full time Network Marketer currently living in Kissimmee Florida near Disneyworld. He is co-author of the book “Navigating the World of Network Marketing” (Google It!)  When it comes to MLM, Jack has been there, done that, and got the t-shirt. You can find out how he personally enrolled 22 people in one month without spending a dime on advertising by going to

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24 thoughts on “Attraction Marketing Sucks

  1. Great Post Jack!
    I admit I ‘fell’ for the appeal of Attraction Marketing, and I *do* think it has a place – as said, a Long Term Strategy.
    I’m pretty cynical, but the draw of building a blog, creating some videos, write some articles and people will flood to you – same as every other single ‘simple’ answer – it’s only one PIECE of the puzzle.
    That being said, the skills I learned are invaluable. Setting up blogs, SEO, article marketing, video marketing, etc. etc. are all important – but just one piece of the overall strategy to reach as many people as possible!
    Jon R. Patrick recently posted..Video Marketing Training Part 3 – Custom Thumbnails!

  2. I’ve been attracted to the idea of attraction marketing but now it doesn’t look attractive at all. Good thing I never bought any of ’em ebooks on the topic.

    “We’re in the People business Mike” is what my upline always say and that’s right. Build relationship with people – that’s what MLM is all about.
    Mike Lopez recently posted..Enhance Blogging with WordPress Plugins

  3. Hi Jack

    “If your team is spending their time learning how to do videos and setting up blogs they are not doing the ONE thing that IS going to make them money … Talking to prospects!”

    Excellent Point


  4. Hey Jack,

    Great stuff man, you’ll like my new boot camp (coming out monday – free of course) I talk about in it how I met up with a bunch of well known online gurus at this round table, and none of them were making barely any money at all from MLM (I’m talking about less than $1,000 a month)


    I was the only one of them that had personally enrolled more than 20 people (and I had enrolled at that point I think 150 in 4 months).

    Attraction marketing is cool – but only if you take out the bullshit.

    -david wood

  5. This is a great post Jack!
    It reminds me of something that Tom Challen taught me. He basically states that there are 3 levels in your Network Marketing career and they look something like this:

    Level 1- You are doing 100 percent outbound calling to leads (warm or cold market)
    Level 2- You are spending 50 percent of your time outbound calling to warm and cold market leads and 50 percent responding to inbound calls (leads and team)
    Level 3- !00 percent of your time is spent responding to self generated leads and training your team.

    Most attraction marketing “experts” are teaching level 3 and people following them get burnt out and leave the industry because nobody ever bothered to teach them Level 1. Level 1 is where they will have results THIS WEEK and start recruiting TODAY.BY starting with level 1 with your team they stand the best chance of making money within the next couple of days, they build a success story (even if it is only recruiting 1 person this week or covering their autoship before they are even charged for it)) and level 1 is duplicatable by everyone. Pick up the phone, dial it……freakin read a script if necc.

  6. Well said about these so called EXPERTS! I especially hate seeing newbies misled with all this attraction marketing stuff.
    Too time consuming and not duplicable like you said.


  7. Great article Jack! I didn’t know you had a blog. I’m really enjoying exploring it. Great advice and entertaining…what more can anyone ask for? Keep up the great work!

  8. Hey Jack!

    One thing that stuck out to me in my interview of Kelly Felix is what he said to me about JVs – not the same as attraction marketing, but you’re still warming someone up to work with you.

    He said the best way to get a JV is to create a good memory for that person to attach to you. He said even a small few moments of a good time or favor someone appreciates will build more good will and chances of a JV than you approaching them with even an awesome product.

    So with attraction marketing, I love how it works – because it does work. But I also believe that building relationships works better.
    Tiff 😉

  9. @Barbie – “You can’t build a team without talking to people.” You said it .. Bingo!
    @Thomas It took me a LONNGG time to build a presence online. It’s worthwhile doing but don’t expect immediate results
    @Jared You get it Bro!

  10. Jack, I love this Article. I learned this business ‘BackAsswords’. I came in with the Attraction Marketing Hype, and sure, I made some money, but when you boil it down, you can’t build a team without talking to people. I’m now discovering, thanks to strong upline support, that keeping things simple is the only way to duplicate, and if you’re going to really invest in anything to build a NWM team, it should be focused on the skills that you can take with you wherever you go, which are Posture, Communication, Prospecting and closing. Took me a while to figure it out, but Eureka, I finally got it. GREAT Article from a GREAT LEADER who is Doing the Do!

  11. Aloha Jack!

    Great content, and very true. I just get sad when I read these so-called experts and their army of buzzwords.

    In 2005 they did a survey of “CRM Professionals” about the definition of “CRM”. Only 19% got the answer right (Customer Relationship Management, whatever THAT is). The same is true of “Social Media” now.

    A phone is a tool of social media. So is a cup of coffee and a conversation. You need to talk to people! Don’t use jargon, support people! Way to go encouraging others to connect. Mahalo!

    Oh and here’s a link for entertainment:

    Have a great day! Do Good Be Good!


  12. Hey Jack, great post and I understand your point of view. I myself run my business online. Attraction marketing; and I think you would agree is a time consuming task and not to many people now how to implement that strategy. Building a presence online does take time but also has to be done right.

    Funny part is, with all those products for a gazillion dollars none of them are really telling you what it really takes to build an online presence. Jack you are a good example when it comes to online presence. I see your posts on facebook and you get responses. Your brand Jack Bastide is established.

    But I am also a big believer in the funded proposal structure, as a marketer you must make a choice on how to build your business. Do it the old way or the new way. Building a business offline or online, both have different strategies one must learn how to implement them.

    Online marketing has nothing to do with attraction marketing, but if you do market online there has to be a system in place, without it how are you going to teach your downline. What system one uses doesn’t really matter, it is the system the marketer chooses to implement.

    But in the end of the day it is the marketer him or herself who is responsible to make it work. Call leads or don;t call leads, if one hates talking to leads than the person better makes up in numbers of leads they generate on a daily basis. You know it is all a numbers game as well

    Take care, Thomas

  13. Great article Jack. You are so right about “Not over night”. I too believe in picking up the phone and building relationships. Hey that the business we are in. So I agree with you 100% attraction marketing works and you can build a business that way but at the same time do not forget the basics and tie both together as you learn and prosper. Thanks Bro for the article 😉

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