Are you Being Consistent in Your Network Marketing Business?

One of the most important factors in your MLM Business is daily consistent action. You don’t want to keep starting and stopping your business. It’s much better to put an hour a day into your business than to do nothing all week and go crazy on the weekends.  Once you get a consistent action going the momentum starts and you couldn’t stop it if you wanted to.

A Guy in my company did an example last year at our convention. The room was broken down into two parts, the left side and the right side. When he said “Go” both sides started moving. They would turn around and touch two people next to them. The two people that were touched would stand up and do the same. When he said “Stop” the left side would stop moving but the right side would continue moving. Then he would say “Go” again and the left side would start moving again  This went on a couple times. By the time the right side was all standing only 1/4 of the left side was standing!

Each “break” that the left side took was only about two seconds. Yet it caused them to fall dramatically behind. Why did this happen?  Because they weren’t take Daily consistent action. (Oh and by the way rearranging your desk doesn’t count as an action!)

So What Actions Should You Take?

These are the 8 Daily Actions that you should take in your Network Marketing Business

Build Your Network – There is a saying that goes like this: “Your Net Worth is Determined by your Network” Basically this means to build as many relationships with quality people as you can. It can be online relationships through forums and Social networking sites or offline face to face relationships. Bottom line is if you make a lot of cool friends your business will grow.

Making Contact – This means initially contacting people to tell them about your business / products. It could be making a phone call, an email, sending them a card with Send Out Cards or any other method.

Doing a Presentation – This means actually doing a presentation. It could be a face to face meeting, a 3 way call, a teleconference, a webinar or however you present your business. I try to do a presentation of my business at least 1 -3 times a day.

Follow Up – The fortune is in the follow-up. You need to keep contacting you prospects until they tell you no. Go for the No. I’d rather have somebody tell me No then to drag me along with a maybe. Try to get a decision. People are often reluctant to tell you know for fear of hurting your feelings. Give them permission to make a decision, even if that decision is No!

Training – You should be a lifelong student. Learn about Marketing . learn about people  learn about your products and company.  Most importantly train your team to do what you do.

Personal Development – You should spend at least 30 minutes a day on personal development. Go on a “News Diet” Instead if listening to people who tell you how bad everything is listen to people who tell you how good everything could be

Send a Heartfelt Card Daily – OK this is a personal thing THAT I Do. I send out a greeting card to at least one person a day. Its not a “Sales Pitch” but rather just a card to say ‘Hey I’m thinking about you” You would be amazed at the reaction you will get! I use an automated greeting card system called Send Out Cards

Signing up a Distributor / Customer – This is where we make the money. However all of the other things we are talking about will lead to this so do even worry about it. If you are taking consistent daily action the signups will com.

Jack Bastide is a Full Time Network Marketer and Co-Author of the Book “Navigating The World Of Network Marketing”. For more MLM Articles go to Find Out How Jack Personally Enrolled 22 People in One Month Without Spending a Dime On Advertising by going to

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One thought on “Are you Being Consistent in Your Network Marketing Business?

  1. I agree Jack, I’ve had lots of personal friends quit Network Marketing before they even gave it an honest shot. And with the internet there are many more creative ways to get traffic and earn money with any Network Marketing Program than ever before.

    Being consistent is the key. Even if you’re not an overnight success in the field, you can still make small contributions on a daily basis and build something you can be very proud of in a few short years. Also automated follow-ups seem to be working great for us these days.

    Keep up the great postings!

    Brian Garvin
    Jeff West
    MLM Review Kings

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