Are You An MLM Desperado?

mlm desperadoAre you an MLM desperado?

(This post was composed in a few minutes using my Iphone)

Yesterday I tried an experiment.

Facebook has a whole bunch of groups that I like to call the MLM spam groups.

These groups have thousands of members who just constantly post links to their website.  As far as I can see  nobody ever reads any of the posts or responds to them.

But the people just keep posting day after day. Some people are actually even using automatic posters like HootSuite to post their spam ads over and over and over again.

Total waste of time in my opinion …

There are actually some really good people in these groups.  You just have to sort through all the noise.

Instead of just posting your opportunity over and over again with no response why not try to  build a relationship with some of the other people In the group?

Remember network marketing is a people business.

Yesterday as a joke I posted the following:

 “Hi I’m sitting here with my credit card in hand and looking for a home-based business.  Who can help me?”

The response was overwhelming. I got over 125 responses on that post. People were falling all over themselves thinking that they had a prospect.

But here’s the funny part …

I did several things to make it clear that I wasn’t serious. For example I asked if I should just post my credit card information in the thread and people could sign me up. I asked if they would pay my way in and do the work for me.

If anybody was actually listening to me they would have known I wasn’t really looking for an opportunity.

But nobody paid attention. There was so anxious to sign up a potential prospect that they didn’t pay attention to what the prospect was saying. They threw up all over me.

It was like a feeding frenzy … they were acting desperate .. they were acting like MLM Desperados!

There were a few savvy people that actually listened to what I was posting and got what I was doing.

Those are the kind of people that I want to network with.

So what can you learn from this?

Do you think the top Earners in your company  hang out in MLM spam groups and pounce on people?

Probably not.

God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. You should spend twice as much time listening to your prospect as you do promoting your opportunity.

Don’t throw up all over them. Find out what their needs and desires are.

Don’t be an MLM desperado.


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2 thoughts on “Are You An MLM Desperado?

  1. HAHAHA! Great post, Jack! (wish I’d thought of that).
    You hit on something there – do you think top earners are posting in those groups?
    No. If the quality of life is determined by the Quality of Question we ask ourselves, as PROFESSIONALS in our business we should look at our actions (like if we’re posting to those spam groups too) and think – “is this what would be doing with his time?”
    Almost every time the answer is “No.”
    Jon R. Patrick recently posted..Selling my old iPhone 4 and sharing how!

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