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Jack BastideA born Entrepreneur raised on the tough streets of Brooklyn, NY, Jack Bastide currently lives in Kissimmee, Florida … a stones throw from Disney World. Ever since he was a child Jack knew that he was not meant to work for someone else.

At the age of 5 Jack had his own business selling painted sea shells at the beach. While his college peers were busy drinking beer and chasing girls Jack had two businesses; He had a route where he placed video game machines in grocery stores and split the proceeds with the store owners. He then decided to buy his Own Grocery store so he wouldn’t have to split the profits. While doing all of this in college Jack still managed to find time to join a fraternity, drink beer, chase girls and graduate Cum Laude with a high GPA.

When he graduated from College he went into his chosen field of computer programming but always knew he would own his own business. The first time he got laid off from corporate America he looked for another job for a couple of weeks and then decided this was an opportunity to go out on his own.

He purchased a Potato chip on borrowed money, paid back the lenders and then sold the business at a profit 2 years later. About this time he found out about Network Marketing.

One day Jack was walking in Manhattan and found a business card on a phone booth. The card said “Earn More In One Month Than a Doctor Earns in A Year!” (Now we’re talking Jack thought to himself)

Jack got back into the computer field for several years while doing Network Marketing Part time. He saw the good and bad in the MLM Industry for 10 years part time. In October 2002 he was laid off from the computer field for a second time. He invested and lost thousands of dollars on a few business ventures. He was forced to sell his 2 houses in NYC and move to Florida where the cost of living was cheaper.

For a couple of years he tries several business ventures without success. He lost a lot of money in Real Estate. In April 2006 he decided to get serious with Network Marketing. In less than 6 months he was earning a full time income from home with his current (and hopefully last) Network Marketing company. He’s currently building it huge to last a lifetime!

Jack was actually one of the pioneers of building a Network Marketing company on the Internet. While his uplines were telling him you had to do Hotel Meetings and one-on-ones Jack was able to develop relationships and sponsor hundreds of people that he met on the Internet.

Jack is co-author of the book “Navigating The World Of Network Marketing”  available at JackAndDianeBook.com He is also a world class copywriter having written for some of the biggest names on the Internet.  He enjoys Playing Guitar, singing, and the beach.

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By Phone:   (407) * 545 * 8020 x 100

By Mail:  Jack Bastide – 2224 W. Columbia Avenue,  Suite #177 – Kissimmee. Fl 34741

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