4 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Leader

Network Marketing Leader

Guest Article By Wayne Wu

In the relatively short time I’ve been in network marketing, I’ve noticed there are basically two kinds of people in this business. Those who are peddling hard and getting very little results and those who sponsor people effortlessly, at will.

So just how do you go from being a broke, struggling network marketer asking everybody you come across if they would like to earn more money, to sponsoring distributors because they want to join your downline?

It’s simple. Be a leader!

There is absolutely no doubt about it, network marketing is a leadership driven business. This is why I think network marketing is such a beautiful business model because it allows ordinary people to become great leaders.

The only difference between the struggling networker, who persists beyond all measure, and an MLM leader is time. The time it takes to develop the leadership skills which are critical to success in this industry. Time. That’s all.

If you’ve been in this industry for some time, you’ll understand there is much more to the sponsoring process than just showing your business plan. It’s a psychological game. And the more you play it, the better you get at it.

Now, leaders in the network marketing industry do not have to go out and find prospects. There are people who want to join their business. Why? Because they are valuable to the prospect. They have something that prospects want.

Think back to when you were first prospected by a network marketer, what he or she say to you?

I’m guessing at some point, this distributor would have said to you something along the lines of: “I can introduce you one of my business associates who has achieved the lifestyle of his dreams through this business, and he’s teaching us how to do the same.” And that was the proof you needed to sign on the dotted line.

What you didn’t know at that time was just how long it took this leader of your team to get to where he is. But one thing’s for sure, he never gave up on his dream. Now, if you want to enjoy the same lifestyle as your upline Diamond, you must exert the qualities of a leader.

The good news you declare yourself as a leader whenever you want to. You don’t need anyone’s permission. Anybody who’s ever been in a leadership position, were leaders before they got there, not after.

But developing leadership qualities will take time. Possibly years of learning and development, pain and suffering, embarrassment and rejection. No leader in this industry has ever said this experience was not worth it.

Can you shorten this learning time?

Absolutely. It starts by giving yourself the gift of knowledge. Here are 4 steps you can take to give yourself a flying start in this industry…

  1. Study the great leaders of this industry. Read books written by people like John Milton Fogg, Randy Gage, Todd Falcone, Tom Schreiter. Subscribe to their blogs. Studying the great leaders of the MLM industry will boost your confidence. It will help you gain the mindset of a leader.
  2. Learn how to market. Marketing is a very powerful tool. It can put you in touch with the right people for your business. Unfortunately many network marketers have no idea how to market because they’ve never been taught by their upline (who doesn’t know how to market).
  3. Learn about people. Network marketing is a people business. Being able to understand people is critical for your success. Study personality types.
  4. Develop good communication skills. To be a person of influence you must be able to communicate effectively. You must be a good listener and a good speaker. A great book to read is “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.

Taking these 4 simple steps will greatly increase your value to the world and make you attractive to prospects who are already looking for what you have to offer.

Set yourself apart for other network marketers who are “duplicating” everyone else and be one of the few network marketing leaders. And soon you will have a growing automatic downline like your Diamond.

Wayne Wu is the creator of The Complete MLM Business which aims to help network marketers understand the concept of a Complete Business Model, and how principles of success in business can accelerate the growth of your network. Click here for The Complete MLM Business

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