May 24

You Know You Are in MLM When …

So I was recently on Facebook and posted the following:

You Know You Are in MLM When _____

Actually it was this


Here is what my Facebook friends had to say :

David Schloss: the first people you ask to join are your family

Jack Bastide: you can’t wait until your neighbors hot daughter turns 18 ………. so you can recruit her!

Brian Lathe  When Jack Bastide is on your FB friends list

Jack Bastide:  you have a garage full of Algae Pills, Skin Creams and and weight loss Shakes

Mark Vidales: when you keep saying “get three and it’s free”

Josh Jacobs:  You get voice broadcasted daily

Junior Latchman: When you start making a list of everyone you know…

Mark Vidales: when all you focus on is becoming Diamond

Mark Vidales: when you always use other people’s stories

Jack Bastide: when you have a bunch of charges on your credit card statement from some Guy named Big AL

Jack Bastide: When two hot chicks ask if you wanna do a 3 way .. and you think they are talking about a phone call

Heather Amy Price: when you see someone you haven’t seen in a couple of months and they ask “are you still doing _________??” when they’ve NEVER bought from you. um, yeah, been doing it for 13 years, thanks for asking.

Jack Bastide: when you get calls out if the blue from people you barely know who want to “catch up”

Bobby Coleman: When your rep keeps looking out the door or window saying “I know they are going to show up” (referring to their guest) who 60% of the time no-shows.

Terry Hartley: When you promise someone brownies but never send them.

Jack Bastide: you think Bobby Coleman Tar’Lese Rideaux Diane Hochman Franco Gonzalez and Rob Fore are badass

Tar’Lese Rideaux: You sign up the AT&T customer service rep as your newest brand partner (just happened today) *this call may be

Robert Blackman: When you know what 6-4-2 means.

Robert Blackman: When you know that STP isn’t just an oil additive!

Robert Blackman When nobody in your family will return your phone call.

Robert Blackman When you spend the house payment on an ad!

Robert Blackman When you rush your fast start check to the bank before it closes to cover a hot check!

Robert Blackman You count circles instead of sheep at night.

Jack Bastide you are a little too good at this Robert Blackman

Robert Blackman Lots of practice Jack!

Robert Blackman When you look up the definition if “residual” and realize that’s just wrong!

Robert Blackman When your Viagra lasts longer than your personally sponsored

Adam Holland: you’ve prospected over 1000 people personally, showed “the plan” over 300 times, sponsored 100+ reps, and built a downline of a few hundred people that all QUIT… and you’re upline tells you “keep going, it’s a numbers game!” LMAO

Robert Blackman: When you tell your wife you are making phone calls but play video poker until midnight!

Bill Marler: When u refer (duck) to someone else in the company that’s earning big $$ rather thank your own results.

Bill Marler: When ur nickname is “scammer”

Mary Leedy:  the Shiny Bright Object Syndrome never ends, lol.

Marilyn Fisher: You cringe everytime you turn on your computer.

Mary Leedy: · get a job to look for new recruits.

Michael Broderick: you’re stuck in the Eroom…

Robert Blackman When you miss a commission check because your authorship was declined.

Steven Bratcher When your spouse calls you and you do a three way call with your sponsor out if habit.

Jack Bastide When you think it’s ok to ask everybody you meet how much money they are making

Michael Broderick When you use “Form” everywhere on everybody.

Robert Blackman When your wife turns you down for sex you say: “Honey, I know how you FEEL, I FELT that way before, but here’s what I FOUND…”

Jack Bastide ha ha that’s pretty funny Robert Blackman .. i think you have a future in Standup if this MLM thing doesn’t work out

Robert Blackman I’m just getting started Jack Bastide, sit back grab a drink and takes notes…

Robert Blackman When you hear the words “Pre-Launch” you immediately go into a convulsion on the “Ground Floor” and lose your mind by joining yet another program you know nothing about!

Robert Blackman When you make MORE money with your EBay account selling your garage full of products than you do with your MLM commission check!

Robert Blackman The only way your wife can wake you up is with the smell of a dry erase marker pen…

Eric Wilkes · When you have to rent an extra self-storage unit because of your leftover autoship product!

Eric Wilkes: If you’re in a nutritional/ weight loss company and you’re the leader presenting on stage but still fat! Haha

Eric Wilkes · You think 3 who get 3, who get 3 will make you rich!

May 22

MLM War of Attrition

trenchesWelcome to the first edition of  “In The Trenches”

In this series I Interview Network Marketing Experts who are in the  trenches  building a business.

This is not outdated information from somebody who hasn’t built a business in 10 years …

This is current information that is working now!

Today’s Question

Q: What do you do when one of your distributors drops off the face of the earth and stops working?

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